Friday, August 22, 2014

I'll Be Back

I've decided that I want to write publicly again - for many reasons, none of which really need to be explained here. I will be writing on a different blog site because (1) this blog is Jack's Journey, and (2) it's difficult for me to come to this blog and write because I see my boy's beautiful face scrolling across the screen; I find myself going back and reading through old blog posts; and it just hurts too much. I don't know if I'll ever be okay going back in time and reliving Jack's journey as I have chronicled it here, but time will tell.

I don't know exactly when I'll start writing again, but I will post the link to my new blog as soon as I do. So, check back if you have any interest in continuing along this journey called Life with me.



Karen Gerstenberger said...

I get it. I know other bloggers who have closed one blog and moved on to begin another. It makes sense. I'm glad you are going to continue your writing, and would love to have the link when you're ready.
God bless you!

Susan said...

Oh yay! That makes my day to read that Ann! You can count on me to be a reader of your new blog. I think a fresh start makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, I am so glad to hear that. I have been praying for you since Jack's passing. I never wrote a note to you because the words just would not come. I cannot imagine the depth of loss you have experienced. We spend so much time with these kiddos and they give us so much in return. You have been such a source of encouragement to me since I met you on the trach message board when our Jonathan got his trach in 2009. I pray that you know you are loved by our awesome God and that many of us, who you don't really even know, are still lifting you up in prayer. I will eagerly anticipate your new blog!
Take care,

Katie said...

A bit late for me...but so glad you decided to come back ;) Understandably on a new site. Can't wait. Take care my friend. I think of you often. I have a willow tree by my house-I pass it almost anytime I go anywhere and think of you and Jack. (so I guess that's almost every day...I hope you don't find that creepy) I'll take a picture of it someday.