Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He Sleeps

Is there anything more precious than a sleeping child?

He sleeps!

I have a lot on my mind these days. Lots to share, but no time to put my thoughts into words. I really hope to do more "thoughtful" writing after I get past the next two weeks. Hilary's high school graduation is Saturday. I put together a video (shocking, I know) to give to her. Hilary always gets very emotional when she watches videos of herself from the past. Times were happier . . . in the past. Her high school years have been tough. But, after she finishes finals on Friday, she will have officially made it through.

I will share the video with you on Friday.


worthy said...

Sleeping children look like little angels, don't they? Looking forward to the video - enjoy Hilary's graduation. xx

Melisande said...

Looking forward to the video, Ann. Boy, Eric looks so angelic, does he? :)

Anonymous said...

I hope Hilary's graduation is a perfect day. I know she will love her video I look forward to seeing it and crying like I do on all your videos.

I know you have lots going on in the near future so know I am thinking of you and sending lots of hugs your way and a few blue moons too :-)


Alicia said...

So, funny Eric can also be precious huh? I always knew he had it in him! :) Seriously, nothing more precious than a sleeping child.

Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

What a beautiful sleeping boy!