Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Big Man

7 going on 27
(in his dad's shirt)


It's been another uneventful week. Heck, it's been an uneventful year for the most part.   Well, I suppose it depends on what you mean by uneventful. It's actually been quite eventful  --- all in a good way.  I've had the opportunity to travel to St. Louis, New Jersey, Colorado, and New York and enjoyed several weekend visits with out-of-town friends.  Definitely not my typical schedule to say the least.  I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a good year, but I'm just going to accept it, appreciate it and try not to read between any imaginary lines.

Jack's doing well, although he's been a little more "junkier" than usual (my fellow trach moms understand what I'm talking about).  Even after all these years, I'm still not a big fan of snot, especially snot that flows from a hole in the neck. But, he seems fine.  So far, we are all fine (translation: no H1N1).  I asked Eric if there were a lot of kids out in his class and he said no.  I'm still waiting to get "hit".

Next week is Jack's 11th birthday.  I haven't been inspired to write anything profound for his special day ... as of yet.  There are some years where I have much to say and there have been a few years where I feel like I've said it all and there's nothing more to add.  Jack's birthdays are always emotional for me, in ways that I can articulate and in ways I can't. Regardless, all of Jack's birthdays are special.

We don't have any big plans for the Halloween weekend. Poor Eric, being the youngest, he gets totally gypped on most the childhood traditions.  Of course, he thinks he's an adult anyway, so I don't know that he feels like he's missing out on anything.  He does have a costume, so we might head over to my sister's house and see if we can con my nephew (who is in high school) into a little trick-or-treating.  Jack will stay home with his dad and help hand out candy ... or something like that.

Have a fabulous weekend and don't eat too much candy!


worthy said...

Love the pic, eric always makes me smile. Glad things are uneventful, i hate it when you seem to lurch from one catastrophe to another - we've had years like that :)
Have a great weekend - I intend to eat lots of candy!!

Susan said...

That's a great costume idea! I hope you all have a nice Halloween.

I know what you mean. Birthdays for our kids can be an emotional time (for us moms). I was dreading Ainsley's third for that reason but was relieved when it came and went last week without much sadness. I hope it's the same for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann! Have a nice weekend. I know about birthdays as well...Mitchell turns the big 5 this year and I can feel myself choking up just typing it. Oh how I thought these 5 years would be different and yet I'm so thankful for how well they have gone. Bitter sweet to say the least.
You so deserve these outings you've had this year. Good for you!
Take care and have a great weekend! Happy Halloween!

bettyd said...

Love the photo of Eric. It reminds me of one of my daughter, where her dad dressed her in Will's clothes and didn't realize it. Will was 4 years older (ages 2 and 6), but only about 2 sizes bigger. But they were boys clothes...