Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Week

Okay, sorry for the delay in finishing my book reviews (See post below this one for reviews). Last week was insanely busy.  Jack has had a stye on his eye for a couple of weeks that wouldn't drain and was looking infected and, because I wasn't going to drive 1500 miles to St. Louis for an eye infection, I had to break down and make an appointment with a local ophthalmologist.  We hadn't seen this particular doc in years, but he was very nice and seemed genuinely interested in helping Jack.   He noted that there is some nerve damage in Jack's left eye and the need for surgery due to high pressures may be sooner rather than later and may end up happening here instead of St. Louis.  If Jack's eye isn't better in two weeks, the opthalmologist will put him under to lance the stye and then he'll do an EUA at the same time.  If the stye heals, then he scheduled an EUA for June. It's the first time any eye doctor in this City has scheduled an EUA on Jack.  They do them routinely in St. Louis. Time will tell where we are headed on this one.

The day of Jack's doctor's appointment, I went outside to discover this on our van:

This is the second time the windows in the van have been smashed by some punk teenagers walking around the neighborhood at night (I'm guessing).  The original hole was small - like a rock was thrown through the window.  This picture is after driving on the highway to the doctor's office - the glass caved in and barely avoided getting all over Jack and his nurse. We can't park the van in the garage because it has a raised roof.  I think it's time to get video cameras on the house with a big sign that says "You are under surveillance" to deter the punks!

Oh, and here is my do-it-yourself repair job to my car following the hit-and-run last month when we were in Flagstaff:

Nice, huh? I'm sure our neighbors like living next door to the Beverly Hillbillies!

Topped off the week by spending five hours in the emergency room with this kid:

She had been having pretty severe pain in her lower back for a couple of days and we thought she might have kidney stones again.  They didn't find any kidney stones, but they did find a stone in the tip of her appendix.  Because the appendix didn't look inflamed, they sent us home with instructions to return if the pain became worse or she started vomiting or running a fever.  From what I read online after I got home, it's possible that the stone could eventually lead to an appendicitis.  So, I guess we'll be on the alert for any signs of appendicitis.

While not a week filled with earth-shattering events, it still was a busy one.  I missed a lot of work, which means I have a lot of work to make up because deadlines don't go away just because I'm not there to get the work done.  Looks like I'll be working weekends for awhile!

Hoping this next week is a quiet and productive one!

Peace my friends.


Susan said...

Ugh, that sounds busy in a not fun kind of way. I hope Jack's eye's better soon. Good luck getting caught up with your work. Hugs.

worthy said...

not a fun week. hope Jack's eye heals without the need for surgery and that Mary is more comfortable soon xx

The Marangella Family said...

Wow! You are a very brave girl! I hope you're not referring to the same eye doc whose office I ran screaming from pulling Max by the arm. After all that's how we ended up scheduling his surgery for next week at Hopkins. Nice guy but....

Hang in there my friend, crappy luck seems to have a way of finding us but we somehow seem to survive. Not sure how but we do!


Vicki said...

Hope your week is nice and nice & quiet & boring, & far far away from doctor offices & er rooms.

Christy said...

That car stuff sucks. But I do like your fix! The window is the real bummer, because you can't wait to get that one taken care of. It's only more convenient that it is too different cars! I'm so sorry about all that!

I hope Jack's eye is better and that Mary is okay, too. Hopefully you will like the local eye doctors. It would be a nice break if you didn't feel like you had to travel to get stuff like that fixed.

I hope this week was better!

CS said...

You're so klassy! Love the duct tape-hate the punks who did that to the van. At the very least, you can't say your life isn't exciting. Hope all is well with Mary and Jack's will be okay.