Thursday, September 08, 2011


I realize it's been awhile since I've posted any Eric-isms.  There is never a shortage of Eric-isms, I just haven't been very good at writing them down.  Here are a couple of recent ones:

"Hilary is the only person I know who doesn't think I'm awesome."  

"In my opinion, the scariest thing in the world is an angry mom."  


Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on the loss of Rylie.  Hilary already put the dates and times for adoption at Petsmart up on the refrigerator. However, I'm not ready to jump right in just yet - at least not until we get back from our trip to St. Louis.  I'd rather not get another dog at all, but I don't think I'm going to win on this one.

Now that "Fall" is here, so are the school-born sicknesses. Eric has his first case of strep throat and Mary texted me this week with "Mom, I'm already sick."  We've been so lucky with Jack because he hasn't been sick for over a year (knocking on wood).  I'll be curious to see if he gets sick once the teacher and therapists start coming out to the house and bring all the school germs with them.  Speaking of school, we have Jack's IEP in place, but don't yet have all the people to provide the services.  Looks like it won't be until at least mid-October (after Fall break) before we have a team put together.  Good thing my expectations were low. 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'd just like for the temps to get below 100.  It's Pumpkin Spice Latte time at Starbucks, but I just can't get into the Fall coffees when it's 110 degrees outside! The weather is definitely something I'm looking forward to in St. Louis (along with seeing all our awesome friends).


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worthy said...

I have to agree with Eric's second 'ism' My kids are terrified of me when I'm angry! :D