Saturday, January 21, 2012


Okay, I'm back.  I decided to take a blogging sabbatical - I guess I should have told you ahead of time.  Actually, it wasn't a planned sabbatical in that I felt like I needed a break from blogging, I just didn't have anything interesting to share.  However, it appears that my blogging absence has some of my readers worried.  I received several phone calls asking if everything is okay and a text from Mary telling me "Mother you need to update your blog!"  I just figured Facebook was keeping everyone updated.  Now I know that there are a few regular readers out there who aren't on FB (and who don't leave comments - so I don't know you read!)

In any event, I feel the love and it's much appreciated.

Since my last update, the only significant item of interest is Team Cure CMD's participation in the Phoenix half marathon.  My beautiful friend Jenny and her adorable daughter Gigi flew in from St. Louis for the race and stayed a few extra days to visit with us.  I forgot what it was like to have a baby in the house, but was quickly reminded that babies control the show.  Gigi was great - her only issue was not being able to sleep well in a strange environment.  I don't think Jenny got much sleep while she was here.  Despite the lack of sleep - Jenny still managed to complete her very first half marathon in under 3 hours.  She is awesome!  I won't share my time because, well ... it's not noteworthy.  The Phoenix course seemed tougher than the Los Angeles course and I was definitely feeling it more this time.  But, (for Christy) - my foot didn't hurt during or after the walk this time.  

The founder of Cure CMD - Dr. Anne Rutkowski also came over from California with her husband, Joe and daughter, Maia (who has the same form of CMD as Jack).  Anne is one of the smartest people I know and has seemingly endless energy.  My sister described Anne as "captivating".  She is so passionate about Cure CMD and its mission that she "sucks you in" and you can't help but want to be part of the "team" and support her in any way you can.  I can't say enough how remarkable a person Anne is and what a privilege it is to be able to spend time with her.

Below is a picture of Anne working with Jack on his eye-gaze system.  She sat right down with Jack and knew how to work the thing without any hesitation.  I feel like a total loser because I never spend any time with him on it.  Anne suggests we spend at least a half hour a day with Jack using his device.  She's right of course, but my brain doesn't feel like learning new things and I don't find navigating a communication board to be an easy task.


Race day

Team Cure CMD

Anne and Jenny

Clearly, we were more interested in photo opps than our finish time!
(my sister, Maureen)

I have now participated in 3 - count them - THREE half marathons for Cure CMD.  Definitely not something I thought I would ever do.  I've already signed up for number 4 - the Disney Half Marathon over Labor Day weekend.  This one should be fun -- running through Disneyland.  The time limit for the Disney half is shorter than the other halfs, so running will be involved in this next one.  Let the training begin! (I'm actually quite scared that I can't do it -- the running thing.)


Our original plans were to drive to Sedona the Monday after the race. But, given our sore bodies and a baby who was very vocal about her dislike of the car seat, we decided to forgo the two hour drive to Sedona and visit the Desert Botanical Gardens instead.  Sedona would have been nicer (and cheaper), but what kid doesn't want her picture taken next to a giant cactus, right?

Is she cute or what?!


Gigi and Jack enjoying some TV time


That's the update my friends!  I've got another blog thought floating around in my head that was sparked by my time with Anne and by something my friend Christy mentioned in her recent post.  It's about "Hope".   It won't be a feel good post, but it will be honest.  

Stay tuned.


worthy said...

Loved the pics, and glad the foot held up during the half marathon. Running? yes, you CAN do it! If I can, you can. Start slowly, there is a good program, couch to 5k which is a good place to start, you can get the app or download a podcast. I started just running for 1 minute and walking for 90 seconds. am now up to running for 3 minutes and walking for 1 minute. Love to you all xx

ssouth said...

Aww. Love this and glad you're back. Could you e-mail me the pics of Gigi and I? They turned out great.

Christy said...

Great post! Very glad to hear you're injury-free. And as far as having to run in the next one - I agree with Julie. Start by running for minutes - not distance. And work up from there. After all you've done - running isn't the hardest thing you've tackled! You can do it.

Wondering what you have on your mind. I hope my post didn't make you sad.

Hugs, xoxo

Susan said...

I do miss your blog posts. It seems like you've been traveling a bit so when you don't post I don't worry I just assume you are busy doing something amazing. Usually you are.

I hope someday your travel plans include me. I loved the idea of a girls weekend with Christy!

No feel good posts required. Just be yourself and write what you want. XOXO.

Melisande said...

Hi Ann! Miss you!! Things look good!! Give Jack Man a hug and kiss from us!


Tammy said...

Those communication boards can be horrible! Bryce has had his for a year and a half and we are still trying to figure it all out. Congratulations on your runs. You are an amazing lady!

Anonymous said...

welcome back:)
xo christina

Anonymous said...

welcome back:)
xo christina