Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Answers

Jack saw the orthopedist today and had an x-ray of his spine.  According to the ortho,  Jack can't have a compression fracture because his spine is fused.  I'm guessing he knows what he is talking about, but I wish he would have spent more than 2 seconds looking at the x-ray to say from his perspective, he can't find the source of Jack's pain.  The hardware in Jack's back all looks good and, apparently, the x-ray didn't show any obvious breaks or anything else that might explain Jack's pain.  I trust this doctor, but I guess not enough that I'm won't seek a second opinion.  I intend to get a copy of the x-ray on disk and send it to our St. Louis ortho for his opinion.

I was able to arrange the CT scan today so that we went right from the ortho appointment to the radiology appointment for the CT (both places in the same building).  I called the urologist's office after we got home and was told that Jack's urologist is out all week. Grrrr!  I asked if anyone else in the office could pull up the CT and read it.  I was told that they haven't received the report yet and that they will call once they receive the report.  I then informed the person at the other end of the phone that Dr. Z (Jack's urologist) doesn't wait for the report, he sits down at his computer and pulls up the actual film and looks at it!  To which I was told that "our process is to wait for the report and then call".  To which I wanted to respond .... you are wrong because Dr. Z does NOT wait for the report to call me.  Ugh!  Sometimes it's just not worth the argument.  So, my plan is to call tomorrow and tell them to fax me the report and I'll read it!  At least I'll know if something is going on before next week when Jack's urologist will be back and can call me.


I have a real fear that the CT scan will show nothing and then we are sitting here not knowing what is causing Jack to be in pain.  Then what?  I guess we discuss how to manage Jack's pain because if we can't find the source, we certainly aren't going to ignore the pain.

Time will tell .... in the meantime, we continue to bag Jack through his periods of distress and I'm stocking up on the wine.


Susan said...

I know you want an explanation but really I think it' good that there seem to be no fractures on his spine. I really hope you find another explanation, something that is easily treated. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

i'm hoping you find some way to get jack feeling better - something that has an easy treatment plan would be great!

jack's very lucky to have you as his advocate!!! GO MOM! :)

ssouth said...

Ugh, sounds frustrating and miserable. I'll say an extra prayer for your family tonight. You are my role model for becoming forthright in medical dealings. You don't stand by helplessly waiting for the call back. Heck, you spearhead entire movements to improve bedside manners and remind docs of the value of compassion! Jack needs some compassionate souls right now.

Clara said...

I keep you in my thoughts and prayers all the time.