Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hospital Days - In Pictures

When you spend 17 days in the hospital and you have an iPhone, well, you take lots of pictures.  When you have lots of pictures, you might as well share them. So, here you go . . .

Hospital Days .... In Pictures 

(Music by Jason Mraz - "I Won't Give Up"  - Instrumental)


Christy said...

Great video, Ann. I love that song and will have to use it for a video myself one day.

Glad you're out and home. Not glad that you didn't have much down time before packing up to go to St. Louis, though.

I hope you are hanging in. Love your new bracelet, by the way!

Love ya,
Christy xo

Susan said...

Nice video Ann. Best of luck on your St. Louis trip.