Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Jack had the CT scan of his abdomen yesterday and I talked with the urologist today.  The verdict is that the stone has not gotten any bigger since the last scan in March - keeping in mind that it currently occupies more than half of the space in the collecting system of his right kidney. The urologist did say that the stones that are outside the kidney (because of the perforation that occurred during the first surgery last year) have moved to the pelvic area.  He tells me these "floating" stones aren't painful for Jack.  Call me a skeptic, but I'm not convinced that they are as benign as everyone says they are.  Nevertheless, Jack is having more good days than bad days at the moment and I'll take that.  If the kidney stone(s) had continued to increase in size, I was prepared to tell the nephrologist that we were going to discontinue the meds she has Jack on. I figured if they aren't doing anything to stop the stones from forming, then why be on them.  I guess we'll continue with the meds given the status quo.

That's the short and sweet update from here.



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