Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ryan House Community Breakfast

To all of my local (Phoenix area) friends: Please consider coming to the Ryan House Community Breakfast on May 7th at the Arizona Biltmore. The breakfast is free and it's an opportunity to find out more about what Ryan House does and to hear Ryan House stories - including ours. I have been asked to speak at the breakfast - so, show up and support me! 

I promise to update the blog soon, but know that I am doing okay. I miss Jack every day and always, but find that the knock me to my knees pain of his absence isn't as intense as time goes on. We spent Easter weekend in Sedona, which is as close to heaven - and Jack, as you can get.  

beautiful Sedona

Hiking through Oak Creek Canyon - West Fork Trail

End of the trail - we built a Cairn for Jack

I also left two stones in the creek (the other side of the "Onward" stone says "Love Jack")

 Chapel of the Holy Cross

inside the Chapel



Susan said...


Karen Gerstenberger said...

I love that you left those stones there. Imagine how they will delight the person who finds them!
That church is beautiful beyond words. I've never seen a photo of it before. Is there a special story about it?
Glad to hear that you had a good getaway with the family for Easter. God bless you!