Thursday, November 09, 2006

Need a Laugh?

I sure do! Most of you have already seen/heard these clips ... but, they are worth repeating, if only for myself.

Jack - audio only

Jack laughing

Eric is only 3 years old here:


Pat Killen said...

Yhanks for the smile this morning! I needed that....hope you and the kids have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

That is just so friggin' sweet. He has a very infectious giggle. Love it and I love him.


julie worthington said...

What a lovely laugh, I so enjoyed listening to that, you could really hear the happiness!!

As for Eric, well theres a future American Idol, for sure.


Melisande said...

I LOVE Jack's laugh. His brother is too cute too! I can tell he has sisters!!

Anonymous said...

Awe, such precious boys! Thanks for sharing their sweetness :-)