Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Reveal

WOW! What a fun weekend with an amazing finale. Jack's new room is incredible and pictures cannot begin to do it justice. The "Reveal" was overwhelming to say the least. I can't tell you how many cameras were flashing when we walked into the house. I didn't even get a chance to properly thank the people who gave up their weekend and gave of their hearts to give Jack a room of a lifetime. The room has a surround sound system that plays the continuous sounds of birds and every so often a thunderstorm plays with the sounds of lightening, thunder and rain (just like the Rain Forest Cafe). There is also a water fountain and lights and the ceiling ... it's beautiful with tree branches, leaves and vines with birds and snakes hanging on the branches. It's just AMAZING! In addition to doing Jack's room, they found time to put up and decorate a 9 foot Noble Fir Christmas tree for our living room. My head is still spinning with the excitement of the evening and I'm sure I'm missing something. But, for now ... here is a montage showing the before room, our weekend activities and the finished room. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Ann -

Really, really cool. That is just great! What a great idea and I'm glad Jack was on their list. Also the weekend vacation sounds like a lot of fun too.

- betty

Melisande said...

Love the last shot...that says it and Jack with ear to ear grins! I do not think there is ANYONE more deserving than you and Jack! I'm just so thrilled for you all! Room for did a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

It sounds beautiful. I will try to see the video tomorrow from work. My computer won't play the video. I hope Jack adores his new space!! He certainly deserves it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I've got tears in my's just too much.


julie w said...

It looks like a different room! Is Jack pleased? I want a parrot like that!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING! I am so glad you guys had a great time. Jack's room is just AMAZING and his smile says it all!!! He deserves this so much and so do you.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just got to see the video--awesome!! What a wonderful mission Room for Joy provides. I am so glad Jack was the recipient of their gift! Have fun in the new room!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! Jack's room is too cool! It sounds like a calming retreat!

Have a good week,

Anonymous said...

That is one AWESOME room Jack. I hope that you enjoy it buddy.

Anonymous said...

That is just fabulous! I know Jack must love it! Did you know they were going to put up a Christmas tree, too? How awesome is that?! This is a great time of year and I hope that it continues to go smoothly for you and your family. You all deserve it and SO much more!!! (I was behind on your blog so I had to catch up from Thanksgiving - this is for all the entries I read).

Much, much love to you,
Harlie's mom