Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happier Jack

A much happier Jack despite the fact that he is still having trouble keeping his sats above 95% consistently. He's been much sicker than he is right now, so I'm not that worried. But, this is getting really old -- for him and for me. I've spent a good part of the day standing at his bedside suctioning, suctioning and more suctioning. The nebulizer machine is ready to burn out it's been used so much. If I thought the doctor could do anything to speed recovery up, I'd have him seen, but I don't think antibiotics will help. Jack just has a simple cold. Unfortunately, when you are trached, vented and have no cough -- there is little about a simple cold that is simple. Anyway, this too shall pass. Overall, Jack is happy. Overall, mom is tired (what else is new).


Anonymous said...

Jack looks like he is improving. I hope the cold works its way through very soon. You all need a break!

Melisande said...

He does look quite a bit better, at least happier! Hope it all clears up soon!!

Anonymous said...

a beautiful picture:)
So happy to see Jack smiling again
xo c

juliew said...

I'm pleased to see Jack looking better. Hope you can get some rest soon.