Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Update

Today is Wednesday, right? My days all seem to run together anymore .....

Had Jack's IEP meeting and, surprise, surprise -- they want to cut his services. OT wants to come 1 hour a month instead of 1 hour a week. Teacher wants to come 2 hours a week instead of 3 and, oh ... btw, we STILL don't have a speech therapist for you, so we'll just keep having the teacher cover the speech goals. Yes, it is so wrong and yes, I signed the IEP. I just don't care. We don't need those people to make sure Jack is "successful" in life. If we did, trust me ... I'd be putting up a fight. They did ask me to sign a paper that would allow our school district to bill Medicaid for the therapy services it provides Jack. I refused. Our school district doesn't begin to pay the kind of money they would have to if Jack attended school (nursing alone would cost them $500/day). I will not have any part of the school district's scam to get the state to foot the bill for therapy. I was told to expect a call from the school district. I told them, I look forward to the phone call.

No response to my email re: the status of the eye gaze system. The person I deal with at Eye Tech is usually very responsive, so I'm not sure what is up with that, but I've been too busy at work to make any phone calls.

That's the latest and the greatest from the Schrooten Ranch.

Some pics:

Mary had first high school track meet today

there's nothing better than a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven and a glass of chocolate milk


Cindy said...

OT one hour a month! How can they even suggest something so ridiculous! Unbelievable. Shame on them. I understand your frustration Ann. I think I would have told them to take their OT and shove it. Sorry, this kind of BS just drives me nuts.

On a brighter side, did you actually bake cookies?

Cindy said...

On second thought....
I'm in the middle of getting Anthony dressed for school and this is just bugging me. Had to stop and post again:
When the district calls, tell them that since Jack is not getting the services he needs at home, you've decided to send him to school and you want him full included. That should shake them up a bit. Fun times, LOL!

julie w said...

I think it's dreadful that they want to cut Jack's services, this is just ridiculous. I love Cindy's idea of telling the district you want to send Jack to school! Hehe.
Mmm, milk and cookies sound nice!

Christy said...

Cookies out of the oven? Ann, you always impress me! I'm really sorry about the IEP situation. Please let us know how your conversation with the school district goes! You let'em have it!


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. I hate that you are having to deal with this crap. I hope it doesn't get too stressful with the school district.

The cookie picture is adorable. Nothing cuter than warm, smushy cookies on your face!

Anne said...

Everyone has asked the question that was first and foremost in my mind-did you actually BAKE the cookies?? :)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through the de Mellos. I, like them, live here in Southern Illinois. I have 2 healthy children (4 & 7). I am so thankful for them and more so each time I read about the struggles that families of medically fragile children go through. I have such admiration for you. Keep up the fight.