Thursday, May 22, 2008

Checking In

All is well. Work has been insanely busy and by the time I get home, I'm exhausted and don't feel very inspired to write. I'm also in the final weeks of preparation for a Conference that I am the coordinator for and things are a bit crazy on that front as well. I have so much to do in the next few weeks. The Conference is in Cincinnati and I'm taking Mary and Eric with me. It's an opportunity to spend a weekend with my fellow trach moms and I'm really looking forward to it (except for the part where I have to get up in front of the audience and speak.) I wish Jack could come, but there is no way I can fly with him, and a road trip to Cincinnati is not my idea of a fun summer vacation. Plus, we have our "big" road trip to St. Louis in October.

Not a whole lot to share on the Jack front -- no news is definitely good news when it comes to Jack. I'll try and get some new pics up this weekend.

A cute story Eric's teacher shared with me today:

Last week after lunch, Eric and another boy came up to me. They said that they had been debating whether they should be friends of bugs or enemies of bugs. They decided that they wanted to help bugs instead of hurting them like other people. Then, Eric looks me in the eye and says, "Miss Herbert we have been trying to help the ants and they just don't seem to want our help!" They had been trying to help the ants move to a "safer" location but the ants were not going for it! I suggested that maybe the best way to help ants was to not hurt them. . . I just about died laughing after. They were so cute and so serious!

My friend Cindy posed a question that I will answer sometime this weekend. It's a "loaded" question and one that I want to answer, but one that requires some thought and time to compose a proper response. It's after 10pm now and if I was to try and answer it now, I'd be up until 1am, I'm sure. So, stay tuned for the answer to this question:

Has having two children with special needs changed your political and/or religious views? If so, how have they changed?


Melisande said...

Yes, yes, Ann...Inquiring minds want to know the answer???? :)

Anonymous said...

i'm interested too:)
p.s. Eric and Alessia may have some connection with the ants. She asked us to please not spray the anthills in our drive way so she could continue to feed them.....