Sunday, May 11, 2008

Final IEP

Last week was my 14th and final IEP for Hilary. We've come a long way from the very first IEP meeting, sitting in tiny chairs around a preschooler-size table at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf. At that time, Hilary had an extensive sign language vocabulary and she was in a total communication program where she was taught to use both sign language and her voice to communicate. Hilary didn't actually start using her voice to communicate until she was about 8 years old (almost 4 years after getting her cochlear implant.) She was around 10 years old before she used her voice as her primary means of communication. Today, Hilary barely remembers any sign language and she never uses it. Hilary's only goal in her final year of high school is to self-advocate. From this point forward, Hilary is on her own.

I think she'll do okay.

From this ~

to this ~

Looks like I'm done with IEPs all together. I finally heard back from the school district regarding Jack. They will be sending me all the paperwork in the mail that I need to withdraw Jack from school, as well as a list of the equipment they want to pick up at my house. That's one charade out of my life.

Jack is doing great and has been waking up each day in the best mood. He's feeling well and is just really happy these days. Life is good!

Wishing all of you a wonderful and peaceful week.

(p.s. thanks for all the "Happy Mother's Day" wishes. You all are such great friends.)


julie w said...

Yay, no more IEP's! that's one less thing to have to cram into your already extremely busy schedule. Hilary has come a long way, love the pics.
Glad to hear that Jack is doing so well and waking up happy - he probably knows he doesn't need to do school anymore! hehe


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day! Good news about Jack and Hilary. I hope this week is uneventful!

Melisande said...

Yeah Hillary! Yeah Ann! Yeah Jack!

Cindy said...

So, is Jack technically "home schooled" now? Sounds like this is easier to do in AZ. Probably another on of those things that vary state-to-state.