Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Tried

Back in early December I heard that the Broadway production of the Lion King was coming to town. I thought . . . what a great opportunity to do something fun together as a family. It seemed like something everyone would enjoy. So Santa brought us tickets to the Lion King. Everyone was very excited and today was the day to see the show and spend some quality family time together.

We managed to arrive early, find front row parking and we were graciously escorted to our awesome seats -- Row 2. The view was incredible and we could practically touch the cast members we were so close. The lights go down, the show starts ... and the crying begins! Yes, Jack cried through the ENTIRE show. As you know, when you cry, you produce snot. When you have a kid who doesn't swallow and a kid who is crying .... oh, and a kid with a tube in his neck that snot likes to accumulate in . . . well you can just imagine what I spent most the show doing.

Yes, it was such a pleasant experience (not).

I tried. I really, really tried. I really wanted to believe that tonight was going to be a great night, enjoyed by all. Some quality family time!

Well, at least everyone else enjoyed the show.

Next time, Jack stays home. He'll be much happier and I might actually get to enjoy the evening out.

A picture before the show, when Jack still had his composure


Can I just add ... everyone is now in bed sleeping and as I'm walking through the house picking up stuff, trying to make a path that people can walk through in the morning, straightening up the bathrooms ....

I wonder ...

are we moms the Only people who know how to put a new roll of toilet paper on the friggin roller?


The Marangella Family said...

Yes Ann we are, in fact we're the only people with a brain big enough to think to check the roll BEFORE we sit down!! I'm so sorry your night didn't go as planned....somtimes we just build ourselves up which makes the let down so much worse. Hang in there my friend!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Moms are the only people in the house with big brains! I'm sorry you spent the evening suctioning. And I'm sorry sweet Jack cried. Next time will be better.

julie w said...

Yes, females are the only ones with the mentality to replace toilet rolls. so sorry to hear about your evening, it's so hard when you try to do something to make everyone happy and everything goes pear shaped. (((HUGS)))

Christy said...

Oh Ann. I'm sorry. That just sucks. But maybe next time when you leave him home, you won't have to feel so guilty about it. Good for you for trying - I wish it could have gone differently for you.


Faith said...

You must have been eavesdropping in my house, b/c yesterday I just about ripped Brian's head off b/c for the 1,000th time he "forgot" to change the dang roll.

Reading your post made me sad. Sad for Jack, sad for you. Nothing can be "typical," can it?

You are a good mom, and deserve a medal for even attempting last night!


Dana said...

Oh Ann, I know the feeling. Sometimes it's a wonder we keep trying. The same thing happend to us at the Circus with our lowest desat ever. Laneah doesn't like the dark either and I usually have to hold her for the entire show/movie/etc.

Way to go for trying. I'm sure it was worth the effort in some regard. :)

Cindy said...

Yes, moms are the only people in the house who know how to put the new paper on the roll. Easy question.
I don't have an easy answer for the family time problem, since - as you know - we have the same dilemma:-(

Anonymous said...

Now, Ann, why would you change the toilet paper roll when the new one is eventually going to be empty as well? Well, at least that is my husband's excuse. Sorry about the show, but I completely understand the frustration.

Susan said...

I wish changing the toilet paper roll was the only thing that just the moms think of doing. I'm sorry that your Lion King experience fell flat. Ah well what's one more punch to the gut for the super weight champion mom of the world.