Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jack's Story

Jack's story is now up on the Cure CMD website. Although, there's probably not much in his story that most of you haven't already read somewhere along the way. It is a pretty cool website though (if you happen to have a kid with congenital muscular dystrophy).

On a completely different note ... as if I don't already spend enough time on the computer - I've now been sucked into Facebook. Mary made it very clear to me that I'm addicted and spend more time on Facebook than she does.

I need therapy.


Marissa said...

Way to go Jack!

I'm so addicted to FB too! Too much fun to catch up with people from your past. I'm going to ask you to be my friend!

lesleegp said...

Yep, facebook takes all of my free time now, like I had any to begin with!!!

Rachel Marini said...

Ann- You crack me up! I'm on FB way too much, too. I will have to find you on there :) By the way I am so sorry your Lion King trip went so badly. I hate when the best intentions of having a great time as a family go completely out the door. We are thinking of you guys, as always!!

Anne said...

Maybe a therapist will give us a group rate for Facebook addiction therapy.

Bridget said...

welcome to the dark side!

Tina said...

So I suppose I need therapy too, or wait I can count Facebook as my therapy! The Cure CMD site is really good, I was thinking about putting Noel's story on there, I'll have to go back and read Jack's story, I've read almost all the other ones.