Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Spy

Eric decided that he wanted to create his own "I Spy" book. He put together his first two pages this evening and asked me to take pictures. He wanted to know if I would be able to get book size prints of his "pages". I guess he's serious about this book. He's calling it "I Spy Around The House". Look for it on soon. (just kidding!)

(and yes, he did in fact hide things in the licorice)


We are getting into the school mode around here. Eric has "meet the teacher" tomorrow night. Eric says he knows who his teacher is because he had to go to her room a couple times last year when he had to miss lunch recess to finish work didn't get done because he was too busy entertaining his classmates instead of working. At least she already knows Eric and has an idea of what her challenges with him will be.

I think Mary is ready to get back to school because she's bored. I'm so happy she can drive herself to school this year. No more having to get out the door by 7am to get my kids to school -- for the first time in 7 years! It's also the first time in 7 years that Jack's nurses don't have to get to my house by 7am. Everyone is happy about that.

Speaking of nurses, things are changing a bit around here in that regard. Kristi has some things going on with her own family that is requiring her to take a lot of time off. Because we can't do without nursing, the agency has sent out two new nurses who will be picking up shifts. So far, I've been impressed with both nurses. To be honest, I think this change is good for everyone. I need to know that we have back-up nurses who can fill in when Kristi can't make it. Kristi has been our 4, 5 and sometimes 6 days a week nurse for the last seven years and I think she's ready for a break from Jack as well. Time will tell if things will work out or whether I'll be reaching for the Xanax (and the phone to call the nursing agency) soon. Wish us -- really Jack --- luck!

Hilary leaves for college on the 21st of August and the closer it gets the more freaked out I'm getting. She got her roommate assignment this week. Her roommate is from Massachusetts and from what I read on RITs website, they pair deaf/hard of hearing students with other deaf/hoh students -which is a good thing where Hilary is concerned. Hilary is on a co-ed, mainstream floor - Yikes! I guess my "little girl" is going to grow up whether I like it or not. (and I'm really okay with her growing up.) This is going to be such an excellent opportunity and experience for Hilary.


I thought I'd update a bit on my mom as well because I know there are some of you who read this who know my mom. After talking with some of my friends about my mom following her last surgery, they were surprised to hear that her recovery wasn't quick and uneventful. What I failed to mention is that my mom's biopsy wasn't a simple needle biopsy, they did another full blown craniotomy with the thought being if the cancer was back, the neurosurgeon would place chemotherapy wafers directly into her brain. He didn't have to do that, but he did remove the scar tissue. The fact is, when someone cuts into your brain, more likely than not, you will come out with deficits. My mom had quite a few deficits going in (she suffers from expressive aphasia). Her recovery following this last surgery has been slow, but I think she is close to being back to where she was before this recent surgery. She's been in the neuro-rehab unit of the hospital since July 3rd. She had another surgery on Tuesday to have a shunt placed because they think there is a build-up of fluid in the brain as a result of initial surgery. She was in the hospital a few days and now she's back in neuro-rehab. So, while it's all very good that the cancer isn't back, my mom is far from being "back" to who she was before all this started. It's sad, but we recognize how lucky it is that she is even here with us two years after her diagnosis.


I'll close with another picture of the brothers taken last night. Eric had been running around the house like a wild man and he was all sweaty. His hair looks goofy because I messed it up with my hands, it's not his hairstyle of choice!


Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.
-author unknown


worthy said...

Hope the transition into new classes works out well and that Hilary settles well (I'm sure she will). Hope the new nurses work out ok too.
Wishing you mum the very best, hope she feels much better soon.

Oh, and let me know when the book is published!

Marcie said...

I absolutely LOVE Eric's I Spy book pages!! He is so creative! Good luck with all the nursing changes and back to school routines. I'll be praying for you and your mom during her recovery.

Sarah said...

Check out You could surprise Eric for a birthday or Christmas with a published I Spy book. I hope things work out with your new nurses!

Susan said...

Well I guess it's time. You were riding the wave for a little too long. Ha ha. I'll be crossing my fingers that you like your new nurses. Keep repeating the mantra "Change is good. Change is good."

Personally I think I'd be far more worried about the co-ed dorm part of college than the deaf/hoh aspect. Yikes. I'm planning on locking mine up when they approach that age. Just kidding.

I hope things improve for your mom.

Anonymous said...

I love Eric's book. Super cute. to be published by the time he is 8 will be quite the accomplishment.
Nursing issues are always so difficult. Getting new ones is nerve racking. I hope that they all work out and are super wonderful and they love Jack to bits. I am excited for Hilary. I hope that she has some wonderful adventures.
All the best to your mom as well. That must be difficult.
Love,Tess xoxox

Melisande said...

Eric is always thinking, eh?

All is getting into the swing for the rest of the year.

Hope all the nurses are keepers!! :)