Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Checking In

I was looking through all my pictures on the computer and found this one of me and Jack from a couple of years ago. I like it. We both look happy (or we're putting on a really good front). Jack's smiles aren't quite as bright these days. But . . . his spirit remains as bright as ever!

We finally got Kristi back today. She's been out for over a week and while we've had a good replacement, it's just not the same. I don't like having strangers in my house. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to learn to adjust because nursing changes are on the horizon. The way the agency has things set up now, we will soon have four different nurses in our house every week. Four different ways of doing things. I'm sure it's hard on Jack too --having strangers in his face, touching his body and providing his care. But alas, I should not complain because the alternative -- no nursing care -- is not a viable option either.

So, onward we march doing our best to make this extraordinary life we lead as ordinary as possible.


Only two weeks into the school year and Eric is already making waves. He's the only kid in the class who somehow lost his writing journal that was sent home last week. He just can't seem to remember ever getting one. He also received his first "storming" report today for goofing off and not following directions. I'm guessing this is going to be another very long school year. Oh well, he certainly keeps life interesting.


We're getting down to the wire for Hilary's departure. I'll be shipping some of her things this weekend and she and Mark leave next Friday (the 21st). Only one of us can go because of Jack and, Hilary picked her Dad. She said he's more fun. Sadly, I can't disagree. I forgot how to have fun a long time ago (around the time I found out my first child was born deaf). It just bums me out that we can't both go. I'll probably take a trip out in October to visit her, providing she wants to see her "un-fun" mom.


That's about all I've got from the Schrooten Ranch. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


worthy said...

That's a lovely pic of you and Jack,he always has a beautiful smile. I'm sorry to hear you may have lots of new nurses, that doesn't sound like fun.Poor Jack will be really confused. Hope they can keep the changes as limited as possible.

Wish Hilary all the best, hope you can get out to see her soon. C'est la vie!

Anne said...

I can't believe Hilary leaves in a week!! Wow.......

Anonymous said...

Sending sympathy about all the nurses, I know that is hard. Hope it gives you better coverage tho. Good Luck coping with your firstborn leaving home, I will be thinking of you, I found it very hard. It is hard to believe how much time has flown by. I check in all the time, thanks for sharing.
With love, Kathy Hawley

Rachel Marini said...

Looking back at old pictures recently has reminded me I was once fun... and I think maybe we still have it in us somewhere... Wish the struggles of life didn't put such a damper on "fun."

I don't know what to think about the nursing in the world will that work?! At first when I read it, I thought you wrote a different nurse a week, however you actually said 4 different in a Any chances you'd switch agencies or is that not an option for you?

As always, thank you for who you are to me in life. A role model, mentor, and friend!!

Have a good night-

bettyd said...

Ann -
Great photo of you and Jack!

We have 4 nurses too - but they have been good. I hate the strangers in the house - even though 2 have been around for over 5 years. It's not a personal relationship as much as you have with your dear nurse. I envy that.

Good Luck to Hilary. It's a big step off to college for anyone, and off to one 2000 miles away. Letting go is a big one for Mom too!

- betty