Thursday, December 03, 2009

Life's Little Disappointments

My friend's daughter plays violin in a youth orchestra.  My friend also happens to be Jack's nurse one day a week.  Today was my friend's day to take care of Jack and when she showed up this morning she asked if I wanted to take Jack to see her daughter's Christmas concert this evening. My friend feels bad for Jack because he rarely gets out of the house.  I thought about it for a second and decided "yes", we will go. It will be fun for Jack and I love Christmas concerts.  I "snuck" out of work early.  Well, actually, I didn't get to sneak out -- my boss came into my office at 4:27 (I had to leave at 4:30) to talk about a project he needed help with and I had to tell him ... "later, I gotta go because I have plans!"

I hurry home (as much as I can hurry when my commute to/from work is 40 minutes each way), quick iron pants for me and a shirt for Eric, change my clothes, get Eric dressed, (Jack was already dressed and in his wheelchair thanks to my friend), freshen my make-up, gather Jack's "to go" bags and get Jack and all his stuff loaded into the van by 6pm sharp! Phew, I even have time to spare.

Go to start the van and .... dead battery.  Damn.  I yell for Mark and ask him to hurry and jump the battery. He hooks up the jumper cables, I turn the key and ..... nothing.  Friggin' nothing.  The battery is d.e.a.d.  Double damn.

I call my friend and tell her we won't be there.  Unload Jack from the car and decide if he can't go to the Christmas concert, he can at least go for a walk around the block to look at Christmas lights.  So we go for a walk.  We come home, I get Jack out of his chair and back into bed. Then I grab a handful of chocolate hershey kisses and a beer and have my pity party.

Just another one of life's little disappointments.

In addition to life's latest disappointment, I am also suffering the consequences of years of lifting fifty plus pounds of dead weight (aka: Jack).  I've been experiencing lower back/buttock/leg pain for several months now, but the pain has now escalated to the point that I can hardly tolerate sitting down for any length of time - which makes driving unbearable.  The pain is only on one side (my right side).  I have such an aversion to doctors that I haven't seen anyone about it yet, but I think I might have to soon because it's almost becoming dangerous for me to drive with all the seating position changes I have to make (while driving) just to help ease the pain.  I don't have time to see doctors or go to physical therapy.  Seriously, I don't!

On the upside, I arrived home to a package from my dear friend Carrie with the "UP" dvd for Jack and a Starbuck's card for me.  Thanks Carrie .... your timing was perfect.

Life is still GOOD.  'Tis the season and we WILL enjoy it .... we will!


worthy said...

Oh Ann, I'm so sorry you weren't able to get to the concert, it's just not fair. and, you MUST see a doctor about your back, it's important, back pain is the worst! I know you don't have the time, but you HAVE to make the time! and - do as your told ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Man, that just stinks. I'm glad you went for the walk though...and YES get your back checked out...or at least go get it checked out by a chiropractor. I know how hard it is to doctor for yourself..I too hate it.

ssouth said...

Patooey on spoiled plans. I hope the van is up and running again soon. Take it easy on that back. Ultra strength Bengay pain relieving patches are my best friend. Maybe those can help until you can get real relief. Now go watch Up with Jack. That'll lift your spirits.

Susan said...

Oh Ann! That is so disappointing.

I don't know what you do about the back. It's one of my fears because my back already hurts and Ainsley is only 3 and 39 pounds. How am I going to continue to lift her and carry her up and down our stairs? I don't know how much the doctors can help you but it would be nice to at least know what's going on. You may have a ruptured disk that could get worse so be careful! Hope the pain eases up. Hugs.

Sarah said...

Ugh. I hate when things like that happen. It's just not fair. I'm sorry your back is still hurting you so much. You should try getting a massage and see if it helps relax things. A warning......every time I watch "Up".....I cry....

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry about your back. The sooner you go to the dr, the sooner they will probably start you on steroids. That helps me so much when I get in trouble with my back.

Sorry about the concert, too.



Cindy said...

Ann, I'm not a doctor, but I've had sciatica a few times over the years. Google sciatica for more and see if you agree. If it is sciatica, the doc will usually tell you to ice your back, rest and take Motrin (Advil, like 600mg twice a day). I understand that rest is tough, but do start using the lift system for Jack.

Christy said...

Well, what a bummer. Now I just hope that it isn't a costly fix. Just what you need at Christmas time, huh? Have you watched Up yet? I can't watch it. I cry. Numerous times throughout the movie. At the very quick doctor scene, Murphy said, "Mommy, something bad happened". Ugh. That got me going. Boo Hoo!!! I'm such a wimp!

Nikki & boys said...

I have that same pain Ann. It helps to get chiro adjustments but the lifting is killing me. My sciatic pain can be on either side, just depends on which one feels like hurting! Sometimes I can barely sit or lay down. Zachary is 54 lbs and I almost dropped him the other day when he decided to stretch right as I was picking him up. Geez! I hear my lift is in but they want to wait to deliver when his bed comes in. Don't know where I'll put it but will be nice to have!

betty said...

Ann -

You've said it many times on this blog - you must take care of yourself. I don't do it either, so it is easy for me to tell you, being the hypocrite that I am :)

My husband swears by his heated seats on the ride into work. I don't know if that is a possibility in your weather zone.

Hope the car is fixed. I am sorry it didn't work out for the concert.


Tatia Strang said...

Regulars massages may be all you need. I know they work wonders for me. A lot of chiropractors have them on staff and insurance often will pay for it. Sorry about your concert.

Karen said...

Ann...your friendly PT says GO TO PT! All you need is a script from your dr (go to an instaclinic if you must) and hopefully in a few sessions they can teach you what you need. I know you think you dont have time but you need to take care of you! Don't self treat, could be a number of things. If you can't sit to drive, you need help!
That's all from your friendly PT. And if you have questions, feel free to e me