Monday, December 14, 2009

A Little Bit of Christmas

We got our real tree up this weekend and finished decorating the inside of the house for Christmas! (we are skipping the outside decorations this year).

We call this "Mom's" tree

Is this not the best decoration for us Starbucks lovers!

This weekend we'll be decorating cookies with the little kids.  I'm not sure I'll get the older kids here to have another cookie decorating contest like we had last year.  Regardless, it will be lots of fun (and lots of work).



worthy said...

love the tree Ann! especially the starbucks decoration - now how many of those do you have on the tree??

Kelsey Musselman said...

I will be there for the cookie decorating contest! I'm not sure if I count as a big kid or little kid, but I'll be there to defend my title!