Sunday, January 24, 2010


As another weekend comes to an end, I am reminded - despite my previous post - that sometimes, silence is golden. God blessed me with one child who does not speak and another child who does not stop talking! Such is my life .... a life of extremes.

Thank you all for your sweet comments.


I was uploading all my pictures to my Mobileme gallery this weekend and I came across these pictures. Here's trouble and cuteness at its best.

Circa 2003

They grow up all too fast, don't they?


My life has a superb cast 
but I can't figure out the plot.  
~Ashleigh Brilliant

I second that!


ssouth said...

Thank goodness it was the cocoa and not the oil!

Anonymous said...

Very cute.


worthy said...

Wow, how time flies! I remember seeing this before, was it really so long ago? now I feel old ;)somism