Thursday, January 28, 2010

Race Day

Eric had his first running club inter-district race today. It was a lot of fun and Eric did great. It was a two mile course and grades Kindergarten through 6th graders from about five different schools participated. They gave ribbons to the top five runners for each grade (boys and girls). Eric didn't finish in the top 5 for his grade, but he did well. Out of at least 500 runners (all grades) he finished #186. I think running is the perfect sport for Eric and I'm hopeful he'll stick with it.






I almost missed him in the pack of runners 
at the beginning of the race

Coming around the last corner towards the finish
(they ran through the neighborhood near the school that hosted the race)

Everyone was rewarded with a popsicle

Enjoying the popsicle and contemplating his race

Yummy, that was good!

"So, how'd you do?"


Alicia said...

Way to go Eric! Running is a great sport, stick to it!

ssouth said...

Oooh! Lookit all the people outside in January with no coats.

Run, Eric, Run!

Susan said...

Way to go Eric! I'm sure I mentioned before Adrian runs. His school has a running program and they get a foot charm for every mile they run. I too hope he'll stick with it when there are no more charms (or popsicles) to win. One day we'll have to get those two together. Maybe while we have a beer? They like a lot of the same things.

worthy said...

That's fantastic Ann. well done Eric!! James enjoys running too,like his dad.

Christy said...

That is the cutest thing ever. It looks like he's enjoying it. I so hope we have something like that here. I would love it if Murphy liked to run.