Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Quick Update

Thank you to all who left comments.  Jack and I definitely feel the love.

Jack had a much better weekend and I think I figured out what the problem was -- the TOBI (inhaled Tobramycin).  In the past Jack has tolerated TOBI without any problems, but I've also heard of kids having a negative reaction to it.  Jack's "episodes" seemed to be about the same time each day and about an hour after he finished his TOBI treatment. Jack finished his second course of TOBI on Friday and this weekend - with no TOBI -- was much better.  Figures, doesn't it? I call his doctors' offices in desperation and tell them I have to get in and then we show up this week and Jack is just fine.  The pulmonologist was great and he agreed that it could be the TOBI and, therefore, gave us a prescription for a different antibiotic in the event the pseudomonas comes back (he got another trach culture). He also ordered a chest x-ray, but I suspect it will come back fine.  The ENT visit today was pretty much a waste of time.

So, life is working its way back to good. Jack feels better and he's much happier.  A happy Jack makes for a much happier mom.

Thanks for checking in and thanks for caring.


Eric earning his keep! 

Yes, I know the outfit doesn't match. He picked it out!


worthy said...

Can I borrow Eric?!!

Glad you got to the bottom of what was upsetting Jack, hope to see his smile again very soon!

Dana said...

Laneah also has a problem with TOBI. It makes her bleed from her Trach.

Glad things are looking up.

Hope Jack is completely himself soon.

You do such a wonderful job of handling all that is on you! :)

Katie said...

Yeah! So happy that Jack is on his way to feeling good! And hopefully things will get back to normal around your house! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Jack is truly on the mend! Nothing better than an uneventful doctor visit! Have a great week!

Alicia said...

So glad to hear Jack is getting better and you found the culprit. And I love the mismatched outfit!

Rachel said...

I never knew that about Tobi! Gabe is on a 28 day on/ 28 day off schedule of Tobi, for a year now... right now he's off it, but I'll have to talk to the pulmonologist if I notice him crying out... Glad things have gotten a little better. :)

Melisande said...

Glad he's better (for both of you)!!!!!

Susan said...

I'm glad Jack's doing better and you've got a backup plan. I hope things return to normal soon for everyone's sake.