Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture

Day: Tuesday

Event: class field trip to Rock and Mineral Museum

Dressed in 3rd grade class shirt - check

$10 spending money for gift shop stuffed in pants pocket - check

Sack lunch with name written on the outside - check

All set and ready to go.

What's wrong with this picture?

Field trip was Wednesday, not Tuesday.

Me: "Eric, please tell me you weren't the only one in your class who got the day wrong".

Eric: "Yes mom, I was the ONLY one in my class wearing our class shirt today."


I swear I am always screwing up something when it comes to Eric and homework/projects/special events/field trips.  I'm clearly too old and forgetful to have a kid in the 3rd grade.  Tomorrow is Grandparents Day at Eric's school.  Perhaps I should go. I doubt anyone would question whether I belong.

Fortunately, Eric is pretty laid back about all his mom's screw-ups.


Christy said...

Oh, Ann. I so feel you on this one. I'm already nervous that I can't keep up with first grade! I hear third grade is very hard. Well maybe this will make him want to be more aware of his school stuff so he doesn't have to rely on you so much. Glad to hear he's laid back!

And you're not old.

worthy said...

You're not alone Ann - and your're NOT old!!
I've lost count of the number of non-uniform days, where the kids take gifts/funds in for charity as payment for attending in their own clothes (we have lots of those in the uk). I have had to drive home again for a change of clothes with a crying child!

Susan said...

You're funny Ann! No way you'd fit in on grandparents day! Mix-ups happen. Don't take it to heart. You're a GREAT mom!