Wednesday, October 06, 2010

An Update

Sorry I haven't been very good about updating our St. Louis visit.  It's been a rough week so far - at least for Jack.  I'm not sure what it going on, but he's been very sleepy, uncomfortable and crying on and off most of the week. I feel like something is wrong, but I don't have a clue what it is.  He is most miserable when he is in his wheelchair - where he has been spending a majority of his time lately.  It's very hard to see him hurting and not know why.  I'm not looking forward to tomorrow because it's going to be another long day and I can't take another day like today.

Jack saw his neurologist today and she forced convinced me to get the flu shot for Jack.  I am totally against flu shots - I don't get them for any of my kids.  But, Jack's neurologist can be very convincing and, the fact that he could get it right then - during her clinic - I decided to go ahead and let them do it. She tried to convince me to get one too, but I declined :)

I haven't gotten any pictures of Jack this week because he has been miserable.  But I did snap these pictures of just two of the many things I love about St. Louis Children's Hospital.

finally, a place that understands that vans with lifts need more space!

I've rarely waited more than 30 minutes, but nice to know that I don't have to!

Wish us luck tomorrow - Jack really needs to have a good day.

Thanks for checking in.


Erin said...

Hoping tomorrow is a better day!

worthy said...

poor Jack, hope you can work out what's going on. Hope today is better. xxx

Christy said...

Oh that just breaks my heart for the both of you! I really hope that he has a better day today. I'm getting all caught up on your blog, so look for comments on your older posts.

Crossing my fingers for better days,

The Marangella Family said...

I'm so sorry that Jack is having a rough time of it. I know what you mean about long days; we usually say, “We know what time we have to get to clinic, we just don’t know what time we get out!” Hang in there!