Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Source

I think I discovered the source of Jack's distress the last few days.  I was wracking my brain trying to figure out why Jack was completely "checked out" (in a way I had never seen him before) when he was in his wheelchair, but once he got home and out of his chair, he was fine.  It occurred to me that Jack is on a different ventilator when he is out and about in his wheelchair.  So today, I changed out the circuits on the home vent (the one hooked to the humidifier) and used it as his travel vent and he had a much better day today.  Clearly, there is a problem with our travel vent.  I called Apria and told them they needed to get the vent changed out here in St. Louis before we get back on the road.  There was some grumbling about the fact that because I have one working vent, why do I need the other vent exchanged right now.  I reminded them that I PAY for TWO VENTS and they will damn sure provide me with two working vents at all times.  I didn't make them bring out a new vent tonight, but it had better get here in the morning!

Jack saw his orthopaedist today and we learned that one of the largest screws inserted into his bones when he had spinal fusion surgery has broken off.  It's one of the anchor screws that goes into his left pelvis. The ortho says that it shouldn't be a problem and shouldn't cause Jack any pain.  I'm not entirely convinced.  Here is the x-ray - it makes me sick to my stomach just to look at it :(

obvious broken screw on your right. 

Despite the broken screw, Jack was in a much happier mood today, so I was able to get some pictures of the boys.

Nothing better than starting your day off at Starbucks. Sadly, Jack only gets to experience the atmosphere, not the taste of Starbucks (but he doesn't seem to mind!)

Waiting for our next appointment. 

And no better way to end your day than outside on the deck enjoying the beautiful St. Louis Fall weather with a couple of these

Jack has a bronch/EUA tomorrow and thankfully he doesn't have to be to the hospital until 1:45pm.  I am so sleeping in tomorrow!

Thanks for checking in and for all your well wishes.


Susan said...

Mmmm. Yeah, I'm not entirely convinced either.

I'm glad you figured out about the vent and he's happier now. And you're right, your DMED should exchange it after all, you need a good backup "in case" right?

Blue Moon is one of my current favorite beers. Coffee in the am, beer in the pm. All is right and good.

Good luck finishing your trip and have a safe trip home.

Cindy said...

How do you suppose the screw broke? WOW, that is an impressive xray!

worthy said...

Glad you figured out the source of Jack's discomfort. Love the pictures - Jack looks his usual happy self in them which is awesome.
I have to agree with Susan, that xray brought tears to my eyes - I hope they're right and Jack is ok.
The last pic is my fave! ;D

Anonymous said...

Oh how much I hate those days when Alex is expressing discomfort and I'm not able to find the reason for it. So glad you figured it out for Jack.

Wishing you lots of luck for the remainder of your trip. Loving that boys smile.


ssouth said...

That is a much happier Jack! Yeeouch about the screw, though. Hope you got your vent, reading next post soon...