Friday, November 19, 2010

Photo Carnival: My favorite picture of my child

I'm participating in Love That Max photo carnival by posting my favorite picture of Jack.

Love this picture! 

I love this picture because it captures the very essence of Jack -- HAPPY!  There aren't too many babies that would be happy while on nasal CPAP.  Jack was about three months old in this picture. This was before the trach, the vent and the g-tube.  This was before we had any idea that Jack had a neuromuscular disease.  If only I had known where we were headed, I would not have been so stressed out about something as non-invasive as nasal CPAP.  I would have held, snuggled and cuddled with this little boy so much more than I did.

Have a great weekend my friends!

(So much for a blogging hiatus, eh?)


worthy said...

That is also one of my favourite pictures of Jack - beautiful!

Lisa said...

That's a beautiful photo. :)

Susan said...

He is so adorable. Love that photo.

Ellen said...

Hi, Ann. It is nice to connect with you. I adore that photo; it says so much and, yes, he is just adorable in it.

Anonymous said...

xo c

Lisa said...

He is stinkin' cute in that image.
Melts my heart.