Sunday, March 06, 2011

Eric's Street-O-Life

Last week the kids at Eric's school (and all across the country) celebrated Dr. Seuss.  As a follow-up to that, Eric had an assignment this weekend to make a map of his life.  The directions were to create a map that illustrates your life and dreams and to write a paragraph about the places you will go.  Here is what Eric came up with:

(click to enlarge)

I thought he was very creative, but wonder whether it's time to hire a therapist given that there aren't too many happy places along the Street-O-Life!  Seriously, this kid is too grown up for his own good.


Christy said...

Wow! That is pretty creative. The drawing of the map is awesome! He did a great job on both. I do agree that his story wasn't very focused on the good times, but maybe he's more of a drama kind of guy.

His writing looks really good. He's in second grade, right? Hard to believe Murphy could be writing like that in a year's time.

It probably wouldn't hurt to set aside a little money for therapy, though. Who couldn't use a little therapy, right? Just kidding. ;-)

Pour yourself a drink and have a great night!

CS said...

He's such a great artist! And I don't know. Maybe he just has a good grip on reality. ;) I think all of our "other" kids are going just know what's important and what's not. At least he's creative and will have an outlet for his angst.

worthy said...

That is an extremely well thought out piece, and I could well imagine that James' street-o-life would probably be similar.
I agree, his writing is lovely, Sam is not much younger and his writing is totally illegible!

have a beer!!! :D

Susan said...

I'd love to know his thought process behind this. I think it's pretty funny that sin and problems come after "old-age land", presumably near the "end". I wonder at what age you reach "old age land". You'll have to ask him that for me. I love the map.