Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ryan House Run

Today was a beautiful day in the Valley of the Sun (aka Phoenix) and we started it out participating in the Ryan House Run.  The event featured a half marathon, 10K, 5K and 1 mile family fun run.  Eric and I (and a group of our friends) participated in the 5K (some of us walked, some of us ran!)  It was so much fun and for such a great cause.  

At 6am in the morning - Eric is wondering why he agreed to do this!

A friendly leprechaun in the crowd

The kids

The scenery along the way -- stunning! 

Almost to the finish!

These two ran and finished about 25 minutes ahead of the rest of us!

Our "team" of Ryan House (and
Jack) supporters

The kids showing off their "medals" 
(made of foam, much to their dismay)

Two of the four kids in our group are former trach kids, both of whom have less than perfect airways and, yet, they walked the entire 5K (3 miles) and kept up with the best of them.  Good job Sara and Ellie! (and Eric and Orla too!)

Today was a fun day .... looking forward to the Ryan House Run again next year.  


worthy said...

Congratulations everyone, you did so well. The weather looked beautiful too, as it always does in Arizona. I did a run with Sam in his wheelchair last year - it hammered down the whole way! said...
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Christy said...

So fun! What a great cause and event! That's so great you did it! Great pictures!

CS said...

Kudos to everyone! Great you had nice weather.

Susan said...

That's great that you walked/ran to support them. It sounds like a fantastic facility. I love seeing the ex-trached kids. Way to go girls!