Thursday, June 23, 2011

New York Layover

We are back from Ireland and have been spending the last few days in New Jersey/New York.  I'm not a big fan of New York City, but my friend who came with us to Ireland has never been to NYC and she really wanted to see the City.  So, here we are.  But, I am so ready to be home!

My dad and the kids stayed behind in Ireland for another week.  It's been eventful.  My dad is sick and the kids had to find a doctor for him.  He was started on antibiotics and is feeling much better, but not 100% yet.  Yesterday the kids went horseback riding while my dad rested.  Three of the five kids fell off their horses!  But, they are all fine.  Here is my niece Kelsey's Facebook description of her horseback riding experience:

Synopsis of Horseback riding: Kelsey is given possibly the largest horse she has ever seen in her life. Mary's horse, too busy shaking its head doesn't see a sign and pulls a Bridget and runs into it, neighs and side-steps. Kelsey's horse freaks out, rears and jumps side-ways. As it's running sideways, Kelsey falls off the horse and lands smack on her tailbone.

and her sister's added comment:

THEN Kelsey does the stop.drop.and roll (helmet in tow) off the road and onto a patchy field of grass so as not to get hit by a vehicle!

We were told that Kelsey was driven back to the B&B they were staying at by the local pub owner who was driving by when Kelsey fell off her horse.  Too funny!

I'm working on uploading all my Ireland pictures to Shutterfly so that I can share them.  Hopefully, I'll have it done by the end of the weekend (I get home on Saturday).  Stay tuned!

On the home front, all is well.  Jack is doing great and hasn't given Mark (or his nurses) any problems.  It's just a wee bit humbling to know that they can survive without me.  I guess I'm not as indispensable as I'd like to think I am!

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Susan said...

It's over already?! Was that 3 weeks? I hope you enjoy NY even if it isn't your favorite.

I hope your dad gets back to normal.

I'm not sure what to think about the girls falling off the horses. It sounds dangerous to me, but will be funny years from now.

Can't wait to see the pictures.

If they did so well without you that means you can go again, right? Not to Ireland, but other places. It's nice to have the option.