Monday, October 31, 2011

LA Half

Despite my lack of training, I finished the Los Angeles 1/2 marathon and I wasn't the last one across the finish line. Yay!  It was a lot of fun, especially because it was Halloween weekend and there were a lot of crazy costumes amongst the runners.  There was a group of Elvis runners pushing jogging strollers holding ice chests full of beer.  They were drinking while they were running.  I'm really not sure how they finished the race and they even finished in front of me! (should I admit that?)

Pre-race pictures
Downtown LA

Part of our Cure CMD team

I don't have any post-race pictures and if I did, I doubt I'd share them. :)  I did something to my foot this race - when I took my shoe off after the race it was swollen, red and painful on the top (and still is today).  Based on my Google diagnosis, I think I might have a stress fracture.  I'm not sure whether I need to have it seen by an orthopedic doc or not.  I guess I'll wait a few days and see if it improves.  Whatever the issue is, it better resolve by January because I have another half marathon to walk!


Eric went trick-or-treating with one of his friends from school.  You can guess who is who.  

Jack's birthday is Friday.  So many thoughts and ideas in my head ... transforming them into something I can share with you will be the challenge.  As all my special needs moms know, birthdays are so, so bittersweet.  Stay tuned.


CS said...

Congrats on finishing! To finish is to win! Sorry about your bum foot. I know better than to tell you to stay off it so just be careful with it. And birthdays are sososososo bittersweet. I was a mess before Nate's this year. Can't wait for a Jack post. <#

worthy said...

Well done on your half marathon Ann! Sorry the foot is causing you problems, hope it does settle down quickly xxx

Christy said...

Congratulations! You are so funny - "and I wasn't the last one to cross the finish line." It does make you wonder who that poor person is!!! Sorry about your foot. I'm guessing it took you about 4 hours or so (give or take)? And that's a long time to be on your feet - walking. I'm proud of you that you're even mentioning seeing a doctor! ;-) Don't delay!

Love the costumes! They are so nice and friendly looking!

Hugs to you for this week's event - Jack's birthday.

Happy Recovering! xo

Susan said...

Congrats! Though I wish your foot wasn't a casualty.

I like to see some scary costumes. And I still can't tell which one is Eric but I'd have to guess the Grim Reaper.

Happy Birthday to Jack!!! I hope you have a good week Ann!