Wednesday, October 12, 2011

St. Louis

We arrived safe and sound in St. Louis on Monday.  It's been a fairly stress-free week being that we are only seeing one doctor this time around.  Jack had his eye surgery today and only one eye needed to have the laser procedure done to relieve the pressure.  The ophthalmologist did mention that it may be time for new lenses because he's grown and things have changed inside the eye.  We have a post-op appointment tomorrow and we'll talk about everything then.  I have a feeling these once a year trips to St. Louis (rather than every other year) are going to become the norm for us.  I can say with certainty that our next trip out here will be in a different vehicle.  It's just too much for Jack to sit in a seat for 8+ hours without the ability to change his position.  And, it's just too difficult for Mark to lift Jack in and out of the van anymore.  If only I were a rich man, then I'd buy me one of those houses on wheels and travel in luxury to St. Louis.  If only ....

Jack was very popular in Same Day Surgery today - lots of visitors stopped by to see Jack.  It's so nice that so many people remember Jack and stop by to visit with him and me.  I was also able to request - and get - my favorite anesthesiologist who is so good with Jack and who knows Jack very well.  I can't say enough how much I love St. Louis Children's Hospital.  Just walking around the Washington University Medical School/Children's Hospital campus is such a neat experience - the place just has the  feel of academia and excellent medical care!

Some pictures from our week so far ....

The view from the deck of our friends' house  

My handsome and happy Jack. 

Where I've eaten every day since we've been here 
(at least once a day, sometimes twice a day!)  

Definitely a place of "advanced medicine"

the place we come for


Anonymous said...

oh look at the fall colors! Please given Jack a hand full of leaves to crunch and play with. Angie

worthy said...

It looks lovely and Jack looks great. Think you need to start some fundraising for that RV!!

CS said...

If you had a an RV, we could use it for a Trach Momma Party bus, just sayin'.

I'm so glad you have a place you love for Jack. Even if it is so far from your home, knowing you have people who get your son is priceless. His smile is one of my favorite things.

Please eat an apple/cheese pastry if you get a chance. And think of me while you eat it.

(My secret word is pores)

The Marangella Family said...

I'm glad everything is going smoothly. Have a safe trip back.

Melisande said...


Glad to made it there and that all is going well. We are going to be there NEXT week. Just outpatient eye and then an ultrasound and blood work. That's it for the year! First time EVER! Now that we're closer to Children's Mercy, everyone asks why we just don't go there. Nothing against them, they just don't know Donovan!! :) Miss you Ann and Jack is getting so big. I think in 2 years, Donovan will be taller than me!