Saturday, April 21, 2012


X-ray showed broken arm near the shoulder. They put his arm in a sling, removed the PICC line and discharged Jack minus 80% of a kidney stone, plus a nephrostomy tube/urine collection bag and a broken arm.  Not sure Jack comes out a winner in this one. 

Loading into the car for the ride home.

Jack and I are both ready for our own beds tonight!


Susan said...

Oh, I'm sorry you were right. Give Jack a big (but gentle) hug for me. He looks like he needs the comfort of home. I hope he recuperates quickly.

Christy said...

That totally sucks. Will he stay in the sling or will he have to get a cast? And did you say he still has the nephrostomy tube? If so, how long does he have to keep it? That can't be fun. For anyone.

I'm really sorry, Ann. I hate that negative chain reaction that comes so easily to some of our kiddos.

How was your stay overall? Will you feel comfortable going there for other/more care? It would just be awesome if you could get some relief by not having to travel for everything.

Many hugs! To you both! xoxo

Dana said...

How did his arm get broken? Are you worried it was the hospital by accident?

So glad you are sprung. It's an eternity when you are inpatient.

Hoping he feels much better in his own bed and home.

Enjoy the've earned them.