Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Sib's Perspective

Eric brought this home from the Sibshop he attended a few weeks ago.  I'm glad that he has a place like Sibshop that allows him to express his feelings on the subject and be around other kids who are in similar situations.  But, I'm sad that he isn't able to have a "normal" sibling relationship with his brother.  It all just sucks sometimes.  

On a Jack note, we head back to Phoenix Children's on Monday and back to interventional radiology.  Hopefully, the kidney has healed and they can pull the neph tube -we are all ready to just be done with the whole kidney stone thing!


The Hogan family said...

The sibling thing is so complex. I hold onto in the end, I really believe that having a special needs sibling makes them better in the end, but the journey to the end is sometimes heart breaking. Our hospital stopped offering sib shops which is a huge bummer....sounds like a great program.

Susan said...

Oh Ann, I'm sure that stings. I agree with Stephanie, it is complex. And I think our typical kids will have far more character than they'll know what to do with. Eric is a great kid and he'll be okay even though it's hard.

I'm looking forward to the kidney stone ordeal being over for you and Jack. I hope it is the answer to his periodic mystery pain and everyone can soon get back to "life as usual". Hugs.

Christy said...

Yes, it all just sucks sometimes. We try our best to find the positive - but the bottom line is that it sucks.

Hugs to you and Eric,