Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Making Progress

The nephrostogram showed that there was no leak (meaning the hole in the kidney had closed up), so they pulled the nephrostomy tube yesterday.  Jack seemed much more comfortable last night.  Today when I got home from work, he was very stressed and hurting.  It was the first day of using the lift again and having him in his chair.  It's difficult to know what hurts - the kidney area or the broken arm.  I'm about out of pain meds - so, I'll be making a call tomorrow to try and get some more.  The hole where the neph tube was isn't insignificant and he's still leaking urine out of it.

I received a phone call today from the urologist's scheduler and the next procedure is next Wednesday.  It will be done in the main OR under anesthesia and the plan is to discharge after recovery.  They will blast the remaining stone from the outside this time.  The urologist told me today that the procedure causes the kidney to swell - so, although it's not an invasive procedure - it's not risk-free either.  In another six weeks, they will pull the stent (through his penis -- ouch!!) In adults, they do this in the office, with kids - they do it under anesthesia.

More exciting stuff on the Touchstones front.  I'll share all that is going on in another post.



Susan said...

Oh man! I just can't wait for this to be over for all of you! Hugs and hang in there!

The Hogan family said...

Oh my heavens...I feel so bad for Jack. What an ordeal!

Christy said...

I'm with Susan - when is this going to be over?! Geez! No wonder you didn't fancy traveling to St. Louis for this! Wow. My fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly.

Big hugs and drinks,