Thursday, May 17, 2012

You've Come A Long Way Baby

Over ten years ago, one of Jack's doctors told me (in a nice way) that I needed to "make peace with the ventilator".  I hated the ventilator, the trach and everything to do with "this" life Jack has to live and I wasn't shy about making my feelings known. 

Today, this essay I wrote:  "Management of a Ventilator Dependent Child - A Caregiver's Perspective" was published on the Cure CMD website. 

Going from someone who wanted nothing more than to get rid of the vent to someone who is now writing about how to manage your child on a vent, I've definitely come a LONG WAY baby!

For the record, I still hate the vent ... but, I love my kid, so I've learned to put up with the vent.  In other words, I've made "peace" with the vent! 

P.S. Part II of my perspective will be published next week.


Susan said...

I can't wait to read it Ann. Congrats on having your piece published and coming a long way!
I don't blame you for hating the vent. I know I would. You should know how many people you inspire, even if it is reluctantly. We can all see how dedicated you are and how much you love Jack.

Speaking of... I hope he is recovered nicely by now. I still keep seeing that baby head like kidney stone in my head, the one on Google. Yuckers. Anyway, I hope this was the source of the mystery pain, and it's all gone now.

ssouth said...

I'm also looking forward to part 2.

CS said...

Great article. You really do capture the entire process. I look forward to Part II.

Clara said...

Congratulations Ann! I can't wait to read Part II. I also saw the video for Jack's 13th birthday, the pictures were lovely.