Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching You All Up

For my IRL* friends who I know aren't on Facebook (and why, exactly, aren't you?) and for everyone else who follows our journey, it's time to catch you all up.  I have to go to my Facebook page to find out what I've been doing.

Since my last post,

I fit in a very early morning hike and captured a beautiful sunrise:


Jack made a return visit to Phoenix Children's to see his orthopedic doctor and get an x-ray of his shoulder.  Good news - the break has completely healed.  Our Phoenix ortho told me he just returned from a conference in Colorado where he co-lead a discussion with our St. Louis ortho.  I won't repeat how our Phoenix ortho described our St. Louis ortho, but let's just say the two are about as opposite as they come.  Our Phoenix ortho (who specializes in spines and scoliosis surgery same as our St. Louis ortho) plays in a rock band and is the ultimate in laid back, non-arrogant, easy going all around nice guy and our St. Louis ortho is an academic type, uptight and not friendly (but, a good surgeon, nonetheless).  I have always liked our Phoenix ortho and the only reason I didn't have Jack's spinal fusion surgery done here was because I didn't have (and still don't have) confidence in the hospital or the care following surgery.  In any event, it was good to see our ortho again.

May is always a busy month with graduations and graduation parties.  I have a niece who graduated from college and a nephew and niece who both graduate high school.  My nephew lives here, my niece lives in Columbus, Ohio.  I pulled out a picture of the first "wave" of grandkids for my parents and we are finally down to the youngest two in this picture graduating from high school:

I can't believe these kids are all grown up ... or that we (the parents) are all so old!  Times flies so very fast.  Seriously .... "don't blink". Oh, and Mary was quick to point out that she didn't think it was right that she and her cousin Michael have the same haircut.  Made me laugh out loud. (You should be able to identify Mary in the picture based on that comment.)  After this picture was taken, there were five more grandkids added to the total, two of whom are mine!


We celebrated Memorial Weekend by getting out of the house and enjoying the unusually cool weather for Phoenix in May.  We took advantage of the fact that Mary didn't have to work and everyone was agreeable to spending time together as a family.  Everyone agreed on dinner, a round of miniature golf and closing out the evening with a stop at Sonic for ice cream.  It was so much fun!

Jack was our caddy. 

At the end of our game


Today was Eric's last day of 4th grade.  I'm glad to have this year over. I didn't really care for Eric's teacher.  I don't think it was a good match for him - although, Eric did well academically, he had some struggles with fitting in and making friends.  

We've got Eric signed up for swim team four days a week this summer, with meets on the weekends.  It will be good for him, but crazy for us as we try to fit in getting him where he needs to be with our work schedules and reliance on nurses.  Eric will also be going to summer camp a few days a week.  I like the program our school district offers because it's not an all or nothing program, you can go all week or pick (and only pay for) those days you want to attend.  I'm trying to keep him busy, but also giving him a bit of a summer break to just "chill" too.  Our school district is modified year round, so Eric only gets seven weeks off and then he's back in school at the end of July.

Last day of school - looking all serious and handsome (if I do say so myself!)


On the Jack front,  we are still battling "issues".  Jack was on antibiotics nonstop from March 21st through April 30th and we are now dealing with what I believe is c-diff.  Based on several identifiable factors, not the least of which is the smell of his stools -- there is no question in my mind that he has c-diff. However, the initial test for c-diff came back negative.  In talking with my friend who is an ER doc - she said that there is a 30% chance of false negatives with c-diff tests and that we should have the test repeated three times, if necessary and get three negatives before we can rule out c-diff.  She also said that Jack should be treated empirically for c-diff based on his symptoms.  Unfortunately, I can't get my pediatrician on the same page.  He agreed to re-run the test and we don't have the results back yet.  If it comes back negative again, I guess I'll have to make an appointment with a GI doc because I don't think my pediatrician will treat for c-diff.  It's all very frustrating.  Jack is still not 100% and, at times, he still feel like crap (no pun intended).  It's been a very long three months!

I received a phone call today from the urologist's office and Jack is scheduled for his final procedure next week to have the stent removed and then we can close the chapter on the whole kidney stone saga once and for all. I did find out what the stone was composed of and I'll elaborate more on that in the next update.

I've got more to update on, but it can wait until the next post .... this is already long enough.

Thanks for checking in ... thanks for caring. 


*IRL = in real life 


ssouth said...

Whew, what an update! I'm glad Jack is trending to mending and hope it all works out in the end ;) Happy summer to Eric.

Susan said...

Love the update. Facebook? I'm already on the computer too much.

I hope the kids have a great summer break. You're off to a good start with family golf night. Loved the photo of Jack. And I agree Eric is looking quite handsome. The grandkids photo was great. Time does fly!

I'm sorry to hear Jack's health isn't 100% back. I hope he's doing better soon. I'll be curious to hear about the kidney stone results.

I hope you get more sunrise moments. XOXO.

Christy said...

The picture of the grandkids is adorable. And yes, swim team is quite the commitment. I hope you don't have to struggle too much to make that work.

And I can't help but wonder what's going on with Jack's c-diff diagnosis? I'm hoping that no news is good news and that it miraculously went away.

It has been a rough few months! My fingers are crossed that things are going to turn around soon!