Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Always listen to your "gut"

Took Mary to the ENT today -- her nose is fine. Took Jack to the ENT today because he has been draining puss from his ears since Thanksgiving and has been on three courses of antibiotics to no avail. Miraculously, his ears cleared right up a few days before our appointment. I knew I was wasting my time taking both Mary and Jack to the ENT today, but did I listen to my "gut"? Nope! So, I have no one but myself to blame for spending 2 hours sitting in the ENT's office and 2 hours spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Nothing irritates me more than wasting time and today was a collosal waste of time. As you can imagine, I'm quite irritated right now!

Hope your day was more productive than mine.

yea, I know ... I'm supposed to be enjoying the view. I'm trying ...


kristy said...

I understand completely! I hope today is better than yesterday! I'm glad Jack's ears are not oozing pus anymore--sounds unpleasant for everyone!

julie worthington said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean, Ann. I hate wasting time, its precious enough! And I get really annoyed when doctors keep you waiting for hours, when THEY give YOU an appointment time. OOh don't get me going!
Hope today is better


Melisande said...

Yuck! Don't you wish you could bill for that time? At least everything was okay. I guess I'd rather waste my time for nothing than for something, especially with our kids!!!