Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year, New Look

Depending on your computer, with the new template - you might not be able to see the "Links/Previous Posts/Archives" -- if you scroll down you can see them. I noticed that I could see them on the screen on my home computer, but at work, I couldn't see them (they are at the bottom of the page). Just an fyi :-)

I thought I'd change the template for Jack's Blog. I like the new look, hope you do too. I'm not sure if I should even keep "blogging" - as long as Jack continues to behave himself, it could get quite boring here and I'm certainly not looking for any excitement to report!

The kids start back to school tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting them out of the house, but I'm not looking forward to the hour that is added to my morning commute when they are in school. We've been without a nurse for the last four days ... call us wimps, but Jack's care is non-stop and exhausting and we are so looking forward to Kristi's (Jack's nurse) return tomorrow.

Have a great week.


Kristy said...

I like the new look. I like doing my nathan blog. Many days I have nothing catastrophic to report, but I enjoy the routine of it. And I like knowing that there are people out in cyberspace who care enough about him and us to take a peek every once in a while! I like knowing what's going on in Jack's world! May you have a delightfully boring 2007!

Kari said...

No, no! You HAVE to keep blogging, I'll miss checking in on you all, the whole lot of you!

No news is good news, but it's still news! Pictures, random thoughts, occassional observances! I NEED my Jack page!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I like checking in on you and Jack. I like boring, boring is good. Boring is so underrated.
Here's to BOREDOM.


Melisande said...


Looks unanimous, we like the blog! And we love checking in on you and Jack!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann-
Love the new look. You must keep blogging! Its in my favorites, so you really can't stop.....sorry.
I know what you mean though, somedays I feel like I type the same stuff over and over........
Kristina :-)