Friday, September 21, 2007

A Good Week



This week I got the call to schedule Jack's eye-gaze, aug com evaluation. It will be done at the speech and hearing department at Arizona State University. The woman who is doing the eval came highly recommended by Jack's neurologist. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but it sure would be nice if we could discover a way for Jack to communicate. The eval is scheduled for October 4th. I'll let you know how it goes.


Those of you who enjoy my Eric stories, here is another one for you. I got a bill from the school cafeteria this week for charges made on Eric's lunch account. Problem is, Eric doesn't have a lunch account - I make lunch for him to take everyday. So tell me, how is it that a kindergartner is allowed to put charges on an account I never set up or authorized! The little stinker just decided he wanted a school lunch, so he got in line and ordered it. I called the school and told them Eric's charging privileges have been cut off! I'm going to have to restrict Eric's access to the computer for fear he might discover Internet shopping.

Being the independent kid that he is, when we walk to school in the morning, Eric insists that we split up. He goes one way around the school and I go the other -- we meet up where his class lines up. None of my other kids would have left my side at this age. I'm not quite ready to let him walk to school by himself yet - I get nervous having him out of my sight the short time that he is. Here are a few pictures:

The starting point

The split -- he goes one way around, I go the other

Coming around the corner

Successfully reaching his destination


Last week was homecoming at the girls' high school. Some more pictures:

Mary before the game

Mary and her friends ready for the homecoming dance

That's the update from here. Jack is doing well and since he pretty much sets the tone for how the rest of us are doing .... life is good right now. Have a great weekend and remember to ENJOY THE MOMENT!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful girls you have in Arizona! Hugs and kisses to Jack and Eric gets the Independent Child award this week! Ann, please follow your own advice and enjoy the moment too!! ;-)


julie w said...

Wow, Ann - Mary is a stunner. You have such a beautiful family.

Glad to hear that my favourite guy from Arizona is doing good - and hope all goes well with the evaluation.

Eric is such a funny little guy - you've gotta laugh. How the school could possible allow a 5 year old to open a lunch account is beyond me - that's just laughable. It is good that he is being independent - I am sure Sam would be doing the same thing if he could. He waves goodbye to me as soon as we get to the school gates and can't seem to wait to get rid of me! hehehe


Melisande said...


Hahaha! Oh, you will have some stories to tell by the time Eric is off to college!!! It will be interesting!!

Nothing like being a flexible MOM! !

Anonymous said...

Mary is beautiful-Eric just kills me because he's so cute (and ornery)!!


Anonymous said...

Oh that Eric will keep you on your toes won't he? I love it. Especially when it is someone else' kid. :)
I would hide your credit cards from him when he is older.

That is so exciting about the device for Jack. I am so hoping that it will work out for you guys. How awesome would that be?

Mary is a beautiful girl.


cathy said...

Ann, that is very exciting about the eye gaze, I have looked into that for Jordan but some things got put on hold for a bit. I know how cool that would be for Jack, do let us know how it goes for him.

As for Eric, I have one here named Justice. He is in kindergarten also, I wonder if it would be a good thing or dangerous for those 2 to meet. Kindergarten must be a tough adjustment. Mine has been in the blue 2x's and wrote up 2x's for misbehaving on the bus. One of them led to Justice having a bloody nose. I don't remember kindergarten being so difficult.

Mary is very pretty, even in all the chaos it seems your life at least balances out. Thats how I try to look at it. I have my on the go busy guy Justice with just as many stories & my sweet angel Jordan looking at me with big eyes & a gentle smile. Yup, thats balance-right?