Saturday, September 01, 2007

Odds and Ends



Last Monday after soccer practice Eric was handed a bag that contained two T-shirts (a white one and a navy one), a pair of black shorts and green socks. No instructions, just a bag with his soccer uniform. So, for Wednesday's practice, I had Mark dress Eric in his navy shirt because it has a cool logo and I just liked it better than the white one. Mark arrived at the soccer field and Eric is the only kid in his navy shirt -- all the other kids are in their white shirts. I asked my sister about it because her boys have been playing in the same soccer club for years and she said that the white shirt is the practice shirt and the navy shirt is the game shirt. As far as I know, they aren't playing any games at Eric's level, every practice is just that -- a practice. Thus today --Saturday -- I put Eric in his white shirt because, as far as I know, it's just another practice day. Yep, you guessed it . . . every kid had his navy shirt on and that would be MY kid, the ONLY kid in the WHITE shirt in the above picture. Apparently, I DIDN'T GET THE MEMO! I have no doubt that Eric's coaches think his parents are absolute idiots. Well, this bright light has now figured out that it's white on Monday and Wednesday and navy on Saturday. And, no ... they didn't play a game today, it was only practice!

Mary is in San Diego participating in an Irish dance competition (called a feis and pronounced "fesh"). I really wanted to go, but without any nursing on the weekend, I didn't feel like I could leave Mark alone with Jack the entire weekend. Mary placed third in one of her dances, which is great given the significant number of dancers in her age group and level. She will be hanging out at the beach tomorrow with her cousin Shannon and their friends from dance (and their parents). Sure wish I was there . . .

Mary sent me this picture via her cell phone. It's not great, but you can see Mary in a "solo" dress. After dancers reach a certain level in their competition, they are able to wear a solo dress, as opposed to the class dress they typically wear. Each school of Irish dance has a custom designed class dress, while a solo dress is individualized for each dancer. The solo dresses are quite expensive and Mary is now at the level where she (thinks she) needs one. Thankfully, she was able to borrow one of Shannon's this time around.

(Mary is in blue; Shannon in pink)

Irish Dancers
(pic added Monday 9/3)

After all the negative feedback we've received regarding Eric's performance at school, it was a true pleasure to receive a postcard in the mail today from one of Mary's teacher, upon which he wrote:

"I want to let you know what a pleasure it is having Mary in my honors world history class. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic will take her far. Thank you for your support."

It's the little things like that, that make this parenting thing all worth it! Thank you Mary.

On the Eric front, Mark and I are meeting with his teacher on Thursday. If things don't turn around soon, we are going to put him in the gifted class - which only complicates our life because the program is at a different school, not close to our house. However, we will find a way to make it work if need be.

Just some pics:

Jack enjoying time on the couch and a change
of scenery from his bedroom

"Wild Man" and his new Crocs

I also want to once again thank all of you who check in on us and thank you for all your comments. I cherish every one. Enjoy the rest of your three day weekend.


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I love that it is about your family and your feelings (I especially liked your "Strong?" entry - I could really relate to that one!). I feel like mine is nothing but medical update after medical update, but hopefully in time, mine will come around to be more like yours.

Thinking of you,
Christy (Harlie's mom)

kristy said...

Thanks for all of the "scoop." It sounds like things are going pretty well...
You all do a great job juggling a very complicated life! Give Jack a big hug from his buddy Nathan. I hope we get to see you again sooner rather than later!

Anonymous said...

Ann, MAry is so beautiful, especially in the dance costume. I bet it's hard to miss something like that, especially when you get word she's won! But hang in there, things will eventually work out. I know that sounds strange, as Jack's condition isnt going to change, but maybe nursing etc will and you'll be able to go next time. I so love your family blog. Deb

worthy said...

Glad you sorted out the football shirt saga - you are supposed to be a mind reader you know! Mary looks lovely in her dress and such a lovely comment from her teacher. It's nice when that happens. Have a good weekend ((((HUGS)))) Juliex

Anonymous said...

so, that soccer shirt situation...that is the story of my life!! in fact, that just happened today. Sent my hubby and kids to the neighbors bbq, and I followed a couple of hrs later with max. I debated whether or not to bring a bathing suit, because last time I was the only one in regular clothes and every other person there was in the pool when I arrived. So today i put my bathing suit on and threw a skirt over it, showed up and every last adult was fully dressed-not one bathing suit in sight. I felt sooo out of place.
p.s. after a couple of hrs I made an excuse to go home. changed back to my clothes, and within 10 minutes got thrown in the pool.

congrats to Mary, she looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jen said...

I hope you are enjoying your three day weekend!

I think we are all supposed to be mind readers! Last week every teacher in our district (all 5500 of us) were to show up at our superintendent's convocation. My friend asked our principal to make an announcement the day before on what was appropriate attire. Her response, "Oh come on now ... everyone knows what is appropriate!" So 75% of our school showed up in Friday casual clothes when they expected us to be business professional ;)

I'm sorry you guys are having such a hard time with Eric! Maybe the teachers will figure out he needs some extra stimulation and will come up with some extension activities!

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend!