Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Instigator

I wish I could say that Eric remains in the green. He ended last week on neither green nor red, he ended it sick! He missed school on Thursday and Friday because he was running a fever. He had three good days last week and earned a "reward" from his teacher -- a bug book. Unfortunately, the good behavior was short lived. Today when Mary picked him up after school, she said he was escorted out by his teacher and he had a very sad face on. Ugh! Apparently, his mouth got him into trouble. I called home, talked to Eric and got his side of the story (I swear the kid can talk his way out of any situation). I emailed his teacher to let her know that I had a hard time believing Eric was the instigator in every situation that got him into trouble. Her response was "It seems at this point to be 80/20 , Eric being 80 percent the instigator." Well, hell. I'm at my wits end here. You have to understand that Eric may be my fourth child, but he is my first strong-willed child. I guess I just take it one day at a time -- cherishing the green days and dealing with the red days as they come. I'm open for suggestions ... anyone?

Jack continues to do well, still having an occasional fever, but not often enough to concern me. It's possible that the fevers are a consequence of his disease --- I don't know and I doubt any doctor could give me the answer either. When it comes to Jack, his doctors have few answers. However, what they lack in answers, they make up for in well wishes and support. I emailed Jack's cardiothoracic surgeon (who is no longer at St. Louis Children's) with a Jack update and received the following email in return: "Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and thank you for always keeping me abreast of what's going on. I wish you peace and send warm regards...Dr. M." . . . What a great guy.

That's the update from here ... wishing you all a green day tomorrow and the rest of this week.



kristy said...

I'm glad that Jack continues to do well. As for Eric, I have no advice! He sounds like a delightfully ornery little boy...

julie said...

Oh dear, I don't know what to suggest with Eric. Does it do any good talking to him?
What a lovely man that Dr is - you don't meet many these days who care like that.

Melisande said...

Well, Ann, having been a strong-willed child myself, I wish I had advice! God bless my mom. She kept me busy is all I can say! He'll hopefully get on an even keel soon. Kids do act out and perhaps once he figures out how to get along it will lessen. He maybe smart but emotionally he maybe more vulnerable than you think.

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

There is a great parenting book about parenting the strong willed child, perhaps you can check it out at the library. It sounds like Eric fits the bill.

That doc sounds great. Wish there were more like him.

Hugs to Jack.


Anonymous said...

Eric is just a leader in the making. Hang in there! He will be fine!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
Too late to call, but just wanted to let you know how much I thought of Jack's hands video.. Excellent, moving, insightful and for God's sake, I cried; missing those sweet, soft hands,,,, Once again, you artfully captured your son's "soul" so beautifully, only a mother could know the depth of your relationship. I miss you guys.....I'm a million miles away right now, but hope to get it all together soon, and we'll talk. Love, Peggy
PS Eric is too smart for that kindergarden, for that matter too smart for grade school. Make THEM
meet his educational requirements, we have a genius in the making !!!!

Sarah said...

Hugs Ann! I have strong willed children, but they act like angels at school and save the will for me at home. I agree with Peggy that Eric is probably not being challenged. Is it too late to send him to the gifted Kindergarten? It's so wonderful to see Dr's that truly care about a patient even after they have left their care. I know how it feels to not have answers sometimes. It can be very lonely and frightening. I hope Jack will continue to improve.