Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Piano Man

A few weeks ago, Jack's speech therapist brought this nifty little piano for Jack to play - he activates the piano by moving his hands. I don't think it's actually a piano, but some type of sensor that picks up movement. The higher he raises his hands, the higher the note. Apparently, Jack loved it and did very well creating his own music. I'm not home when the therapist comes to the house, so she videotaped it for me. As you can see, her computer screen displays Jack as he is activating the keys and she videotaped her computer screen. It's not the best video, but it is kind of cool to watch.

Eric funny:

As we were walking to school yesterday morning, Eric was yelling at me and telling me that he did not need to go to school because he already knows everything! He said that he knows how to use scissors and how to count to 100, so why does he have to go to school? I explained to him that he may know how to count to 100, but he doesn't know how to add, subtract, divide and multiply those numbers yet. He looked at me with his inquisitive eyes and asked what did I mean. After I explained, his response was "I'm going to find me a new mom who will let me do whatever I want." . . . Knock yourself out kid!

My mom:

I received the following email yesterday morning:

Ann – got the result back this morning. Your mom is not eligible for the Celldex study – her EGFRvIII is Negative.

I hope your mom is doing well with her current therapies.


Susan Adler
Administrator, Brain Tumor Center
Neurological Institute
Columbia University Medical Center

Disappointing, but not unexpected news. I guess we just hope and pray that the radiation/chemo does its job. My mom will have a repeat MRI in about 6 weeks and that will tell us a lot. Until then, we just hope for the best (or live in denial, depending on how you want to look at it).


Melisande said...

Ann...Jack is awesome! That's a super program!

Well, and little Eric....I supposed he will learn, eh?

And your Mom...hugs to you all. We'll send some extra healing and loving vibes your way!!!!!!!!!

The blog is looking great these days!!

julie said...

Ann, I love Jack the piano man, that is so cool!

Glad Eric is enjoying life at kindergarten - he's such a cheeky little monkey hehe

I'm sorry your mom didn't get accepted for the study, sending big hugs across the pond.