Friday, August 10, 2007

Final Interview

Miles Levin - the young man I told you about a while back who is dying of cancer, granted a "final interview" to his mom today. Miles is days, if not hours away from leaving this earth and, once again, I feel like his words are so worth sharing.

Due to copyright, go directly to Miles' CarePage name: levinstory


julie worthington said...

amazing words. Hope his passing is peaceful.


Anonymous said...

Ann, I have went back and read his entire journal from the beginning. It is amazing and truly humbling. He is the picture of true courage and strength. And his Mother's entries always make me sob.

I too hope his passing is peaceful.


Anonymous said...

Its funny, I can write about all the stuff I have gone through and read Jack's blog and Journal of many others but can barely get through it....its more real than anything I have read, the way he talks so openly and honestly. The pain I know his mother is feeling shakes me to my core.