Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Are In The Green

Two days into the week and we have two GREEN days at school. Yippee! I'm cautiously optimistic that we will end the week on a green note. Eric also started soccer this week and did so much better than he did a year ago. Last year he thought it was entertaining to pick up the orange cones and put them on his head as fast as the coach put them down. This time around he (so far) listened, followed directions and participated in the task at hand. There is hope.

Jack's fever is back today. He's not outwardly sick, so I have no idea what the source is. It could be nothing more than a viral thing. However, my "take it to the worse case scenario" mind worries that it could be an infection in the hardware - although, I suspect the symptoms would be more severe if that was the case. The last place I want to go is to a doctor's office - I'm afraid Jack's pediatrician would want bloodwork and that would be a nightmare, considering he needed arterial sticks to get blood last summer. I can't imagine taking Jack to a drive-thru "McLab" to get his blood drawn. Hopefully, whatever is going on will resolve on its own very soon.

I'm still waiting to get the pre-authorization from our Department of Developmental Disabilities for the eye-gaze communication evaluation. I'm moving from being patient to being pissed. I don't really want to make "the call" to the powers that be, but if I don't hear something by the end of the week, I guess I'll have no other choice. It's going to take another two months to get an appointment for the eval itself, so time is of the essence.

I'll close with some comic relief from the "two faces of Eric". Have a great rest of the week!


julie worthington said...

Way to go Eric! Hope the days remain GREEN!
Sorry Jack is still not great, give him a big feel better hug from Sam. And the eval - go kick some ass girl!


kristy said...

I'm sorry that Jack is sick--fevers of unknown origin are always nerve wracking. I hope he is fever free soon.

I do think that Nathan and Eric are twins separated at birth--and a couple of years. I have some video of Nathan doing something similar--he signs "grumpy" and "happy" with faces to match!

Make the call! I give you permission to be very assertive and bossy...

Have a great day!

cathy said...

Well, Jack has another hug coming from me too. I hope he is better soon. Congrats on being in the green. Justice had Kindergarten orientation today & they have a similar set up. Wish us luck. Give Eric a big HI-5 for being in the green & ask about any tips & tricks. JK.

Anonymous said...

I think I would keep Eric on green just because he is so darn cute!


Anonymous said...

Just remember the words of the great philosopher Kermit the Frog –
It’s not easy being Green.

Have a great day! Maureen

Anonymous said...

OK did Eric and Evan just see someone doing the face thing on TV or something? Evan's been doing that all week!! Glad to hear about the green-go Eric. The kid makes me laugh-orange cones on his head...................


Melisande said...


I hope Jack is fever gets better soon! Glad Eric is in the green! Way to go!

I had trouble playing the video.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo for Eric. Green is a great colour.

Poor Jack, I hope that he kicks this fever.


Cindy said...

HAHAHA, that Eric is too funny!