Monday, April 06, 2009

All I've Got

. . . are some pictures to share. I received these via email tonight from Eric's chess coach.

This, my friends, is what a chess tournament looks like
(just in case you were wondering)

This one pretty much sums it all up!

Have a great day!!


worthy said...

I haven't a clue how to play chess, so am pretty impressed that Eric can. John tried to teach me once - too many rules for me - I don't 'do' rules lol! plus I tend to be more of a doer than I thinker, I can't imagine sitting there for hours just doing that one thing, I'd have to be multi-tasking, you know, with the ironing board to one side! love the pics!

Kelsey Musselman said...

but how did he do?! It doesn't look like there are too many people left in the later pictures so that's pretty awesome!


Anonymous said...

OMG I could eat that kid. He can even make Chess look cute. That is quite the feat.