Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Part II

We had a great Easter day and enjoyed spending time with family. We watched old videos (as in VHS ... now that's OLD) of all the kids when they were little (my kids and their cousins). The "kids" enjoyed seeing themselves as babies/toddlers, we parents just felt old and sad at how quickly they all grew up!

Sharing some pictures from our day . . .

Mary being silly with strawberries

Cousins playing Apples to Apples in Jack's room

Happy Jack

Goofy Eric

Closing out the day watching a movie together (I realize I have a lot of the same pictures of these two hanging out in bed together. I just appreciate the fact that Eric will hang out with his brother and I want to capture the moment as often as I can).

I'll leave you with an Eric funny. As I was giving him a bath this morning, he commented in an exasperated tone: "I can't believe you are dunking me in my own filth"

(this from a kid who refuses to take a shower)


Hope said...

Your family is beautiful. I love Jack's walls. Did you paint them yourself? You're right, they grow ao fast. Better not blink.

Hope said...

Btw...Your blog looks great! Danielle did a great job.

worthy said...

Sounds like everyone had fun and the pictures are great. Love the new blog design too. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

great pictures :) looks like you all had a blast.
p.s. love the new blog!
xo christina

Ann said...

Hope - Jack received a room makeover from an organization called "Room for Joy" - they do room makeovers for chronically ill children (their website is linked under my "links" header). His room was done in a jungle theme. There's no way I could paint walls like you see :)

Anonymous said...

Those are great pics. I love it when my girls get to play with their cousins. I remember how much fun that was as a kid.
Eric is a funny little guy for sure. Jack looks great.

Sarah Robbins said...

That Eric is too funny! I miss his sense of humor this year. I can't believe he will be in 2nd grade next year!

Mrs. Robbins (formerly Miss Herbert)