Thursday, April 30, 2009

Checking In


No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth . . . or off my spinning wheel . . . YET.

I was looking for a picture of a hamster wheel to put on the blog to depict how life feels these days when I came across the above picture. (too freaking funny!) While I'm desperately trying to find a way to get off the frenzied spinning wheel of life and slow down for a short rest, I think I'd prefer a softer landing :)

Life continues to be insanely busy and challenging. I was reminded this week that I am the parent of two children with special needs, not just one. Hilary has been a bit neglected the last ten years and it's time to move her to the front of the line and help her transition from the social isolation of being a deaf teenager in a hearing high school to finding her place as a deaf adult in a hearing world.

. . . this parenting thing just never seems to get easier.

The search for a new ENT is on hold for now. Jack's pediatrician started him on a stronger antibiotic which seems to have cleared up the ears. (it's also cleared out the GI tract, if you know what I mean.) Now we just hold our breath and hope they stay clear. I really, really don't want this to escalate to the point of having to actually deal with the ENT (or lack thereof) issue.

This weekend looks to be busy, especially for Eric. He's in another chess tournament that runs both Saturday and Sunday (the last one for this school year) and he also has soccer assessments on Sunday. Mark and I are actually going out sans kids on Saturday night with my sisters and their husbands. (can't remember the last time Mark and I went out together). The only unfortunate part about the weekend is that when it's over, I'll be one year closer to qualifying for AARP.

Finally, I can't close out the week without sharing at least one Eric funny.

Eric has been suffering with a terrible cough the last week and a half and he was complaining of a sore throat earlier this week (and, NO, it's not the swine flu!!) I told him his throat was probably sore from all the drainage from his sinuses. In short order he told me I was wrong. According to him, his throat is sore because. . .

"I have bumps on my uvula, Mom".

Oh, you think so?! (and no, he doesn't have bumps on his uvula either ... I checked!)

And, here are a few pictures of my little comedian from a project he had to do for school. Oh, how I wish they could stay babies forever.

Have a grand weekend, y'all!


worthy said...

Love Erics photos, he's a bright one for sure! Hope Jack does fine and you don't have to stress about finding a new ent yet.
I love the hamster wheel - looks like me on a good day!
Have a wonderful night out and a lovely birthday xxx

The Marangella Family said...

Happy B-day Ann! When you get off your wheel call me it's my turn to take you out! Hugs!

P.S. When's your birthday? Max's is Saturday.

Gretch said...

OMG how embarassing, How did you get that video of me flying off the wheel ROFLOL LOVE IT!!!
Hope the AB's Jack is on now kicks his ear troubles!!
Happy Birthday!! You deserve only the best of the best!!!!!

Susan said...

LOVE the hamster wheel! And the analogy is perfect I think we can all relate. Good luck with Hilary. And I really hope the antibiotics do the trick. Have a great weekend and birthday!

Karen said...

I got an AARP card yesterday! I'm only 34??!!!??!
If the discounts are good I'll use it :)

Faith said...

As I write this I hope you are out painting the just having a few drinks to celebrate making it through another year.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Ann.

You deserve the world!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann, for sharing this with us. I love the photos of your children. They are beautiful!! I look forward to meeting them one day! Many blessings, mary dolores